The 1944/45 Gillette Regent Razor

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    This has been a razor that there has been some controversy over exactly what is it, how to identify the correct razor to the case, when it was produced. As of very recently almost all these questions have finally been settled.

    First we start with the year produced. The date everyone seems to agree upon is 1940, as it turns out that is totally wrong. The correct date of production was in December of 1944 and then again somewhere in July through September of 1945 when they show up again for sale. They disappear for good after that point. If there were being sold later you'd see ad space for them around Christmas time of 45 which you don't.

    Here are the adverts dating this.

    The Press Democrat Sun 12/10/1944
    The Press Democrat Sun 08/19/1945
    The Daily Times 07/05/1945

    For some reason I can't put these in as thumbnails so you'll have to view the attached files and if I can make it work I'll upload the 44 ad later on since it won't take right now. Either way these adverts and dates can be corroborated.

    Now that we know when this razor and set was produced the question now is what was it exactly. This razor was for sure made from leftover parts once the military stockpile restriction on using the left over brass parts was lifted. The first batch in 1944 and then again in July up to September when the war officially ended. After that the razor disappears from the retail advertising record. The only razor produced concurrently with the Regent during this time period for civilian use was the 3pc Tech. All the other brand razors were not reintroduced onto market until 1946 including the Aristocrat.

    So is this razor an Aristocrat or not. The answer after comparing by shaving it against other razors is no, this razor is made up of left over 41/42 Ranger Tech heads and 41 Aristocrat handles hence it lacking the patient information on the razor head. They also made the Regents with and without end caps, I own 2 that have end caps have been able to compare them against one without and also the 41 Ranger Tech and they are the identical razor as far as the shave goes. No one will mistake a Ranger for an Aristocrat when shaving with both and same holds true with the Regent and Aristocrat. The 41 - 42 Ranger Tech can easily be mistaken for a 44 - 45 Regent Tech because they are the same razor head.

    The other piece of information is the name of this razor, a Regent is a temporary ruler, if you agree on that Gillette was being precise with the definition then it reasons the razor was only a temporary set until the "king" aka the Aristocrat brand and sets could be brought back to market.

    As it turns out the first 1pc to have that information stamped on it's head was the 41 Aristocrat another razor we can now prove what it was, what the 41 set looks like and style of razor. Separate post on that.

    So we can for sure authenticate a Regent Tech razor by simply looking at the base plate if has patent information it is a Regent, if it doesn't then it is an Aristocrat.

    Pictures to follow.

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    Here is how to authenticate a Regent from an Aristocrat.

    One on the left is a Regent, one on the right is an Aristocrat. The patent info stamping is the difference.

    Next here is an example of a Regent without the end caps these would have been made in 44 and 45.
    regent1.jpg regent2.jpg

    Now here are examples of 2 with end caps these would have been made in 45. One of them lost it's end caps.
    example1.jpg example2.jpg

    Finally here is what the full set looks like.
    1940 Regent Tech.JPG
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    Finally how to authenticate a 41 Aristocrat.

    Here is an ad from
    Wilkes Barre Times Leader 12/22/1941
    See second file attachment to view full ad page

    We know what the set looks like now, it had the gold case that came with the earlier DeLuxe open comb Aristocrat sets, was lacking end caps. Did it have patent info on the base plate. The answer is yes it did we have 3 good examples to confirm this now.

    First one is from Mr-razor who as it turns out was right the whole time for this set and razor.
    1941 Aristocrat.JPG

    Next example is one that belongs to a member here who will remain nameless unless they want confirm it is them.
    IMG_0189.JPG IMG_0191.JPG

    Third example is one I found on the bay that sold not too long ago. It is hard to tell but it does have the patent info on the base plate.
    arist41a.jpg arist41b.jpg arist41c.jpg

    So the official timeline for the closed bar US 1pc Aristocrat and Regent is the following.

    Aristocrat 41, 46 - 51
    Regent Dec. 44, July - Sept. 45

    All Aristocrats regardless of handle or safety bar style came with patent info on base plates, 41 lacked end caps, 46 and up all had end caps.
    If you research out the adverts the open comb Aristocrat disappears from ad space before Christmas of 40 and the solid guard bar Aristocrat doesn't show up in the ad space until 41. It reasons if either was being actively shipped by Gillette to retailers they would advertise them to sell for the Christmas season. Since they didn't we can say the sold guard bar Aristocrat first appears in 41.

    All Regents came without patent info on base plates, 44 lacked end caps, 45 came with and without end caps.

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    That one would be mine. :) Those who read my 30DC postings, may recall that I waxed poetic about it on Pearl Harbor Day.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here are the full adverts for 1944 and 1945. The date and publication is on the top of the page. These can be cross referenced on
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    Some more pictures of my razors and sets to add to this.

    Here is a 44/45 set, razor that came with it was the one without end caps. Razor is all original you can see how the tabs are the original gold plate.

    reg1.jpg reg2.jpg

    Now here is side by side with the 44/45 and 45, difference here being the end caps. Both razors are original and haven't been restored at all.

    reg3.jpg reg4.jpg
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    Some comparison pictures from my collection of razors

    First here is the 41 Crat and 44/45 Regent
    4144a.jpg 4144b.jpg

    Next here is the 45 Regent and 46 - 48 Crat
    4546a.jpg 4546b.jpg

    None of these razors have been refinished and all original.
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    very cool sir..
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    I purchased what was labelled as "1940's Aristocrat" at an antique market. The box appears to be a 1946-1947 Aristocrat It appears to be in very good condition. So I thought my search for an 1946-1949 Aristocrat was done.

    Upon closer examination, there isn't any stamping on the head. It looks like a 1945 Regent Tech, no crease on the bar, and with end caps. Also, the blade box looks exactly like the one shown with Regents. So, did I just get ripped off buying a Regent being labelled as an Aristocrat?
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    No depending what you paid. The Regent Tech usually sells for more than an Aristocrat with the same style safety guard. There is also an outside possibility that the Regent Tech with end caps did get sold in early 1946 as an Aristocrat. It could be a mismatch but I can't say 100% for sure. What I can say for sure owning both a Regent Tech with and without the end caps is they are exactly the same razor from a shave standpoint.
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    I also have a 1948-1950 Super Speed where the head looks very similar. Are these the same head?

    I edited to be more clear...The SS head has no crease and has endcaps, but it is stamped with a logo and text.
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    Wow, that was a fast reply, lol.

    Thank you BBS for your responses.
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    Isn't there much debate that Regent wasn't made in 44/45? It's plausible Schlegel's found a couple cases in the back and was blowing out inventory...Weren't the regent techs $5, could've been on sale at Schlegel's!
    Don't think the guy that paid $5 would be too upset today ;)

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