The 2 very best DE razors available?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Zen Master Kool-Aid, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. I have decided that since I now use straight razors, I will only keep 2 DEs.

    For now, the 2 that I've decided to keep are a Mergress and a Tech. The Mergress is for a standard, great shave and I doubt I'll be replacing it. The Tech I keep for touch ups and areas that are hard to reach with the Mergress. But I do wonder if I should be keeping something other than the Tech... a slant, perhaps? Can I do better than the Tech?

    What 2 DE razors out-perform all other DEs out there?

    I'm not looking for nostalgia, although I'm not opposed to it. I am strictly looking for performance and a close, comfortable shave.
  2. ssilcox

    ssilcox Member

    The two I always reach for lately are a 39c slant and a Muhle r89. I am a sucker for an aggressive razor.
  3. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    WOW !
    I was thinking the EXACT same thing (altho I have an R41)

    I also enjoy a milder razor when I can spend the time for a 4 pass shave.
    But, the majority of the time.................these 2 are the best !
  4. I'm sort of leaning toward retiring the Tech and getting myself a slant.
    The only thing that would concern me is not having an agile DE to get under my nose with.
  5. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Consider a SE. A good solid 1912 1914 or 1924 model would fill the bill and not only be simple for touch ups but also give great close comfortable shaves.
  6. That would be something I would absolutely consider if I hadn't just bought 100 Feather blades and 50 derbys. :D

    Are SE blades still being made or do you have to find vintage ones?
  7. Mattinnc

    Mattinnc New Member

    My Progress is my number 1 and

    my Futur is my second favorite. The Futur actually shaves me closer than the Progress but it is HEAVY and I have to slow down when using it. Paired with a Feather, nothing else shaves me as well.

  8. DarkAudit

    DarkAudit New Member

    It's your face. You're going to have to try 'em out for yourself. What one guy swears by, the next guy will swear AT just as vehemently.

    That said, my Red Tip is just plain awesome. :D
  9. JayKay

    JayKay 3000 posts and all I got was this lousy title

    HD and a SS.
  10. ssilcox

    ssilcox Member

    Make the jump! You wont regret it. The slant is one serious piece of shaving hardware.
  11. I had one about a week ago.
    A friend that I had done some business with sent it to me gratis. I deferred it to a friend who is pretty new to wetshaving and he's all excited about it, but I did shave with it a couple of times.

    I've been seriously thinking about it. I really liked the way it looked on my counter. :happy102
  12. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    The best performer I've used to date is a Merkur Slant. My 47' Gillette Super Speed would be second in line.
  13. Moe

    Moe Active Member

    Slant (small Hi-Jack, sorry)

    I know this is a YMMV question. But if a noob wanted to try a slant at some point, what slants are out there that are readily available? I've got a Merkur 34C as my trainer now, and love it; would you recomend one of the Merkur slants over others,,,,, for any reasons?


  14. ssilcox

    ssilcox Member

    I know there were a few knock offs over the years, but most any slant you can find right now would actually be a merkur. Hoffritz, Pomco, etc. were all made by merkur. And if you are looking for new, I dont know of anyone that makes slants currently other than Merkur. As you know with your 34c, merkur makes a great razor. Wouldnt go wrong with a merkur slant.

    BTW - dont let all the scary reports surrounding slants put you off. They are great shavers - just need to be careful of your technique.
  15. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    You can pick up good blades at Family dollar or walgreens or CVS or all those places.. or order them in Bulk.

    I think they shave better then anything else I have tried.
  16. Sejanus

    Sejanus New Member

    I am down to the final (Final Countdown?) with my razors. I have settled on a Fatboy, my personal custom Mergress on the DE side, I have a Gold super heavy Trac II for travel purposes (I refuse to let my shave supplies go into a packed bag) and then I have a Feather AC DX Non-folding on the way.

    I don't think I could get a better combo of versatility and performance.
  17. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    Great wisdom from Dark audit. One additional piece of advice - I would keep a safety close at hand while you are learning the art of the straight shave to clean up or help out until you can describe yourself as an old han at straight shaving. Personally I need a teacher in order to learn this art and will acquire one at the Art of Shaving next week.
  18. pablo_h

    pablo_h New Member

    Yes, and their future is more assured than DE blades IMHO.
    SE blades are manufactured for things other than razors. Once P&G gets eastern europe, asia and the ME onto cartridge gillettes, say goodbye to the DE blade. At least SE blades will still be manufactured for medical and science labs.
    Embrace the future, and get a 1912 GEM :D
  19. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    VIVA LA REVOLUTION.... good argument...
  20. burnWood

    burnWood Mizzou Fan, YMMV

    My 68 slim adj. and my gilette flair tip. Why? they are virtually the same. So one. One DE only. My slim adj. which can be a mild flair tip 1 or an aggressive go get 'em 9. Learning curve adaptable.

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