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  1. brit

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    Hello fello Denizens..:)
    there is lot's of talk about shave soap/cream bases out there,and lot's of competition.we are really enjoying a golden era of top quality shave software these days ..what are your thoughts?.
    price/scent aside,what are your thoughts on the best soap/cream base out there at present? vintage included..
    slickness,cushion,post shave,residual slickness,longivity, clean up all count.opinions will vary..your thoughts..
    thank you all in advance..
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  2. Hembree

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    Wow...this should be interesting.
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  3. brit

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    i hope so..:)
  4. DentonMajik

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    For higher priced soaps PannaCrema Nuavia soap I've found to have the absolute best covering all bases of scent, cusion, slickness, and lather consistency. Another higher priced soap I've tried and liked, but didn't compare to Nuavia was Martin de Condre. Lather just didn't stay consistent. For middle of the road priced what I think to be fair would be anything Stirling, Pheonix, Fine, B & M, Chiseled Face. However some may disagree, but the absolute best in regards to lather consistency and price has to be Arko.

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  5. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool.i have a few of your list mentioned and agree..:).thank you ..:eatdrink047:
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