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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by brit, Feb 23, 2021.

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    As of this posting I am going with blue ultrasound gel. The stuff is hypogenic so no allergic reactions for any skin type, it doesn't burn the face when you reapply and leaves no residue or greasy feeling afterwards. I just wet my face and apply about a dime sized dollop. I am pretty sure this is the same stuff used in razor lube strips. Stuff is super slick and protects the skin as well as any cream plus you can mix it with any preferred cream for extra slickness and glide. If you like stinky soaps though this won't be for you but I suppose you could scent it with essential oils. The only thing that can be daunting is since it goes on clear you need to keep track of where you shaved unlike with creams or soaps which you can see what you shaved after each swipe.

    Get something like this and you are good to go for years.

    Pure Aloe Vera gel is a close second with the only drawback is it does sting when applied on shaved skin if you do multiple passes.
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    I haven't tried a ton of the artisan soaps. But I've been using CBL in my rotation and like it ( in some ways more) just as much as Sopanifico Veresino. Which I liked best, before I tried CBL.
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    Guess I am old school. Tabac and MWF. Nothing better IMHO.
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