The Bronze from Timeless Razors!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by pmj, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. pmj

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    After reading the posts and comments from others here, decided I had to have one. Received it Saturday, first shave with it last night doing the usual 3 pass routine - OUTSTANDING! Smooth bar; .38 gap; scalloped cap. I used a new Muhle blade and CRSW’s Morning Ghost. I also have a stainless TR. Their razors and customer service are top shelf. I’ll be adding a TI model very soon. Just can’t have too many nice toys!
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    Can you elaborate a little more on the shave quality it provides--efficiency, smoothness, end result, etc...

    I'm debating seriously hard about this Bronze SB. Thanks for your input
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  3. pmj

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    I prefer a mild razor, so for me, it was very smooth with light to mild blade feel. Overall, efficiency was great, light clean-up at the end, face and neck felt great and absolutely no irritation at all. I had two other new razors to try at the time so I’ll be going back to the Bronze tonight for more use (I usually shave 5-6 nights a week) and will be trying several other blades to compare/contrast. I’ve also added a Timeless titanium .95 SB to the collection. Having previously worked in an industry involving CNC machining, I’m extremely impressed with the fit, finish and craftsmanship of Timeless Razor’s products. This one was from the Scratch and Dent side, but looked brand new and appeared that it had never been used at all. I have several other razors from different manufacturers - it’s a hobby, or perhaps an addiction(?) - but I’d be more than content if the Bronze was the only one I own. Best regards and hope this helps a bit. Phil
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  4. brit

    brit in a box

    pics? sounds cool..
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  5. pmj

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    I’ll work on getting a pic of my TI razors posted!

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