The Complete Schick G Type Injector Series

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    The Schick Type G series was introduced in 1946 with the Eversharp take over from the Schick Repeating Razor Company until they ceased production in the year 1955...When the Type G 1 was introduced it took over from the Type E s that ceased production in the USA in 1946..Canadian Type E Injectors however were continued to be made for many years after the Eversharp introduction of the G 1 well into the mid 1950s..:)

    Eversharp G Type series...:cool:
    G1: moulded Ivory plastic seamed handle
    G2:14kt gold handle (solid metal)
    G3: Gold plated ( Hollow handle )
    G4: Schick 66 - blue handle, chrome textured head
    G5: Turquoise handle (Often referred to as ladies Schick)
    G6: Clear amber plastic handle
    G8: Square, partially ribbed handle

    Eversharp G Type series in numerical order ...:p
    Another Group shot...:p
    The Type G series unlike Type E series did not vary in terms of aggression...In other words there are no head variation's...They all shave pretty much the same...The build quality did vary...The early type G 1 had a better build quality than some of the later rounded neck models and the Christmas Edition Gold Type G 2 is a real heavy weight to compared to the rest of the series...;)

    Eversharp Type G Identification ...:eek:
    The Type G can be easily identified by the numbers on the left side of the spring....The G Type has two patent numbers...1806087 and 1969945...The Type E has a single patent number..1806087...The Canadian Type E has got the same patent number as the USA Type E but has made in Canada 1937...:cool:

    Some common misunderstands...:signs081:
    Some folks think that there was a mismatch of handles going on here...That couldn't be further from the truth....As a rule of thumb the Type G 1 can be identified by the Ivory Seamed handle....But here's the thing....The so called Type G 1 seamed handle was a "Clone" of the earlier "E Type" handle....Most Type E s can be identified as having a Bakelite Butterscotch handle but that's only partially correct as there was a USA made Type E 3 with an Ivory seamed handle and also some Canadian Type E s as well...:p

    USA Type E 3 & Canadian Type E with seamed handle..:)
    The one above is a Canadian Type E with an Ivory seamed handle and the one below is a somewhat rarer USA made Type E 3 with a seamed handle...To muddy the waters further there was also a somewhat rare USA made Type E 4 with a Seamed Butterscotch handle and also a later Type G 1 with a Seamed Butterscotch handle...:p
    Confused ?...:angry019:

    The bottom line is that you must identify the G & E Types not by their handle colour per se but by the patent numbers as mentioned above...:happy088:

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    Great collection!
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    Great info and wonderful collection of injectors
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    Too bad someone had to photobomb the group picture of the razors! :D

    They really are lovely and the G6 looks especially nice - very translucent. Then again, the G2 and G3 are outstanding. Who am I kidding, there's just no getting around that, in addition to be great razors, Schicks are works of art. Thanks for sharing the photos of the full line up.:cool:
  5. Billyfergie

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    Yeah the photos are Crap as I was struggling to get the complete line up in one take...;)

    How to Photo Bomb a work of Art.....:happy097:

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    Fantastic collection you have! Thank you for the write up. :happy088:
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    Great Post! Amazing set you have there!

    Ive been wondering about the G2, I always read as stated "solid metal" . What is the metal? Is it solid gold? It makes one come to that conclusion with the G3 is always listed as "Gold Plated" . So...What is it?
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    Great information on these razors. The G type I have is a great shaver! The E type is much more aggressive and they look the same except for the handles and a few other things . I need to take a closer look at the blade exposure, big difference in the shave between the two! Thanks for putting this together.
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    Great stuff as usual Billy!
    Well done sir!
  10. Billyfergie

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    The 1946 Christmas edition G 2 has a higher 14 karat gold plating....The handle is not solid gold, but is gold plated over a solid steel handle....The 1947 Christmas edition G 3 has a hollow handle and is a lot lighter....The G2 is far better built and is a lot heavier than the G3....:)
    Its a beautiful injector Sir...:chores016:

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  11. Billyfergie

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    Yeah that's correct Sir...There were many models of the Type E s....The most aggressive USA made Type E is the early Type E 1 & E 2 that opened...If you look closely at the Type G & Type E you will notice that the blade gap is much the same....The comb sits further back on the Type E s however to offer more blade exposure...Its very subtle but its there...I have a Canadian Type E with a Black Handle it has a full one millimetre of more blade exposure than any other Type E...Its a beast...Some of the Type E s have a different angle of attack as well and this also effects how aggressive they are...;)
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    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your collection. Great information and beautiful razors!
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    Great stuff, Billie!
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  14. Billyfergie

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    Thank you Sir....:chores016:
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    Supporting Vendor
    I've got to get me a G next year.
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    Very nice. Thanks for the info. Now something else to look for.

    Greg W.
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    Nice little field guide! Thank you!
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  18. preidy

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    Question. I just picked up an advertised Type G without a case. I did some reading on the G1 so I could match the case. Initially it looked like the red/clear square case from the 1950-53 time frame was the match. However I noticed that although my G1 has the correct two patient number(s) marking, the made in USA marking on the head and the seamed Ivory plastic handle, it has a Type E "Schick Injector" marking around a high profile type rivot. Should I assume that it was made earlier in 46 or 47 using a left over E head and/or a "G" head was somehow mismarked?
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  20. preidy

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    That's the case that I have in-route for my G? I received the razor several weeks ago and have 3 shaves under my belt. All great smooth shaves (used Schick blades) I was very suprised. My dad had and injector and it was the first razor I used before I bought my own - a Trac ll.

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