The DS Cosmetic D.8 Shaves

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    I wanted to continue my thoughts on the shaves using the DS Cosmetic D.8 razor head.
    From another thread:

    I've been using it on a Maggard MR11 handle, which seems perfect for this razor head, with both being made of stainless steel.

    My shave with an Astra SP on its 7th and final shave was indistinguishable from the next shave using a fresh Gillette Platinum. I'm using the one that comes in the light blue box, which people sometimes refer to as being the same as the old "Swedes" (which I've never used). Some people claim this blade is better than the version in the darker-blue box. In any case, I do like this blade, but frankly most blades work for me, and it has been a rare occasion when I find a blade I really don't like.

    The shaves I've been getting have been very close and very comfortable.

    Today, I decided to shave steep. Now, since the range of angles that can be used on this razor head is very narrow, going steep vs. going shallow almost gets you to the same angle. That being said, for this razor, and for me, I think I'm going to reverse my stance and declare that steep is the way to go. It was very smooth, and a bit smoother than going shallow -- although going shallow is still very smooth. And again, despite what I said above, I think it is just as efficient as going shallow.

    I don't intend to post every day about the shave with this razor, as I will probably move on to another one of my "neglected" razors to get the hang it. But I will post every few days for now just to state if anything has really changed.

    I'm also very interested in other people's experience with the D.8, particularly if they have also tried the RazoRock Game Changer .68p (straight bar.)

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