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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by PLANofMAN, Jul 26, 2020.

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    Tom's Gillette Slant (aka F&W Slant) jig is on it's way to me, and it's time to address the question of what to do with it.

    It seems pointless to do a pass-around, since you could just send in your razor head and get it done and keep the razor.

    This only works with Gillette Old Type and similar German vintage copies. (Edit: If your vintage Merkur, Apollo, Cosmo, etc. razor has a flat notch running across the bottom of the top cap, it will not work, and also has the probability of being zinc, not brass.)

    This takes an old type razor, and turns it into a near mirror copy of a Valencia Slant (80-90%), which is an open comb slant razor, and one of the better slant razor designs out there. This turns an aggressive razor into a not so aggressive, but highly effective razor. It also turns a common razor into a rare razor (for now), for whatever that's worth.

    $10 plus shipping seems fair and reasonable to me, +$5 for each additional razor head. Profits will be split between Tom and myself, and $1 per razor head goes back into this forum. I'll do a test mailing to see if a padded envelope will work, otherwise it will be a small flat rate box.

    This is open to all TSD members, regardless of join date or number of posts.

    Since the jig is made of aluminum, I don't know how long it will last. 100 razors? 500? Probably no more than 2,000. @twhite has said that the jig can be remade from steel, so that might be an option in the future, on the off chance that I wear out the jig.

    Disclaimer: This is done at your own risk. If anything breaks, gets lost in the mail, etc. It's not my problem. I will do my best to make things right, but this is not a business, it's a hobby.
    Sign up below, and I'll contact you via PM with further instructions.

    Edit: No rhodium plated razors. It's too brittle, and the plating will crack and peel during the slantification process. You want a rhodium plated slant? Get it done after bending.
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    Totally in.

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  3. Tjebbe

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    Will you ship to the Netherlands?
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  4. Enrico

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    I’m in, kind sir!

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  5. PLANofMAN

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    Yes. But I'm working on getting interest in a UK/Europe group buy box on ATG, which would save you a bundle I think. Be aware that due to Covid-19, international shipping takes a month or longer to reach the destination, rather than the 2 week average we've come to expect.
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  6. efsk

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    The problem will be getting the head from the Netherlands to you, that can take months atm. Funnily enough, the way back can be done in three days regardless of covid. Anyway, I have to be in, and have a US returnaddress. Will see if I have a US mate with an oldtype to spare :)
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  7. Tjebbe

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    Maybe your friend can find two, @efsk ...
    And then send them boxed together to the Netherlands?
    That would be nice!
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  8. BBS

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    If you are up for the task you want to make a (S)Leresche assuming the cap can be bent? I don't know what material it is made of yet and if it is that pot type metal if it would even bend or just crack. If the cap won't bend but the base plate will I would consider mating it with an old type cap then.
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  9. PLANofMAN

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    I can see where I need to make changes. A couple dulled blades to prevent the teeth from rippling the top cap, and a leather buffer between the top of the fixture and the top cap.

    Otherwise, as they say, "it'll buff right out."
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  10. PLANofMAN

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    Yes, provided that the cap and baseplate are separate from the handle. The material should be brass.
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  11. PLANofMAN

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  12. twhite

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    You MONSTER :rofl:
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  13. BBS

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    Well you are, and a menance to modern razor companies when the DIY razors become more interesting than their offerings. If you polish it so it is shiny also they might totally lose their minds. I'd go over there and post on the thread but I got banned taking one for the proverbial team because I wouldn't rat out someone and do this particularly overzealous moderator's job for them after they got all cartman respect my authorati on me when I called him and their moderation out for being hypocrites. But if you want to rattle a petty tyrant's chains just call them on inconsistencies in their policies. If you want to get tossed offer one for a pass around.
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  14. BBS

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    It is a 3pc so that is not an issue but the materials might be.
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  15. BBS

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    And my comment on all this if it is your razor do as you wish. The problem is most people modify razors (think those horid Earl Schibe gunkote paint jobs) when it hasn't yet gotten to your status then are mystified why no one wants to buy it from them later on when they try to offload it. Same phenomina as custom bikes.
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  16. brit

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    you bad bad man traditional response to the rat and weasel bunch..pound sand..i buy old types for the cracked handles as one of our friends here makes bullet handles with the bits..usually $5-10 bucks when i see them.plating nearly gone,bendaway..when they become scarce then they will become worth more..:)
  17. twhite

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    I love that saying “pound sand”. I use that at times.
  18. brit

    brit in a box

    yes sir, seems most folks have a general understanding of it's meaning..:D
  19. PLANofMAN

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    SOTD 07/29/2020

    F&W Cosmo open comb Slant
    Figaró Habzó Borotvakrém
    (Figaro foaming shave cream)
    Wolf Whiskers/Shavemac D01 two-band badger brush
    Derby City Chop Shop's Small Batch Shave Tonic Winter Reserve

    Before slantification, the Cosmo was a lightweight, mild mannered razor about on par with a Gillette Tech. Usually a two or three pass shaver.

    After slantification...

    It's still a mild razor. It's way more efficient now. Near BBS in one pass. I shaved half my neck with the Cosmo and did the other half with the Valencia for a direct head to head comparison. The Cosmo actually felt like the better shaver, due to the lightness and nimbleness of the razor. In comparison, the Valencia felt kind of clunky.

    I have to agree with Tom. There is virtually no blade feel with this razor. (Edit: the Valencia by comparison does have a little bit of blade feel depending on the angle).

    Visually comparing them, the Cosmo has about 10-15° less 'slant' than the Valencia along about 25% of its length. This still puts it ahead of most other slants, I think, since the Valencia has more torsion than the vast majority of slants. @efsk would be a better judge of that than I, with my vast experience using two, now three (including this one) different slants. :p

    My biggest problem right now is resisting the urge to slantify my Cooper Monobilt, since it's the only other razor I own that will work with this jig. I've never been a huge fan of three piece razors, so my collection of those type of razors is rather tiny.
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  20. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    Go for it. Slantify!!!!
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