The Grand Ultimate Schick Injector

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  1. Billyfergie

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    Schick Type F Injector....:)
    Another Shot....:)
    And lastly....:)
    Head Size & Blade Exposure Comparison, from the left, Type, D,F,G... :)
    I received my Schick Type F in the post a few days ago from the USA....I gave it a polish and it came up Shiny, Shiny....The Schick Type F was made in 1941 and was only made for a few months because precious alloy metals were commandeered for the war effort....The Schick Type F is made of high quality polished Aluminium, Copper & Brass Comb.....These are very rare and hard to find at the right price...I just sit and look at this thing as its absolutely beautiful ....I have been informed that these were one of the smoothest shavers ever made....:cool:

    I loaded the Type F with an NOS Schick Platinum injector Blade....Martin (Dodgy) had informed me to be careful loading these.....The Type F is very tricky to load and it took a moment of farting about as the key doesn't seem inject the blade all the way across....I found that it loads easier when the razor is empty for some reason...:)

    Three Pass Shaving Routine....:p

    Hot Water prep & massage with Coconut Oil
    Schick Type F Injector
    Chinese Schick Injector Blade (New)
    Semogue Classic 208 Boar Brush
    Alphy & Becs Natural Shaving Soap - With Jojoba Oil - Vitamin E
    Organic Aloe Vera Gel
    LOGONA Man Aftershave Balm (From Germany)

    During my first pass I thought the Schick Type F was living up to its reputation as being a very smooth shaver and then I was suddenly getting a very Ruff Ride....The Damn Thing Stopped Cutting.....I decided to change the blade as it was a DUD I thought and opted for an NOS Schick Krona Blade instead.....I am away on Maiden Shave again with the Schick Type F and I completed my WTG Pass without further incident....I went for my Second XTG pass and I was getting a Very Rough Ride Again....I mean this thing was as Rough as a Badgers A+se and talk about uncomfortable.....I was having the worst shaving experience of my life here folks and I kid you not I wasn't a Happy Hector.....I was thinking that the Schick Type F was a Piece of Old Junk that was only Fit for the Bin....:D

    I Farted about with all sorts of shaving angles and I had it in my mind that I may have been spoiled recently with my experience's with the Personna Executive & Floating Head Injectors....I sort of ruled out a second DUD blade .....I was really disappointed in the Schick Type F Injector as I ended up with a Mediocre Shave and it was very uncomfortable.....I was thinking of sticking the Schick Type F up on EBay and letting some other bugger have the Pleasure of Shaving with its Company.....I was Miffed to say the least....:angry019:

    Yesterday I decided to have another attempt with the Schick Type F as it was annoying me....I decided to load it with a Chinese Schick Injector Blade...The Krona Blade might not be agreeing with it I thought...That was when I realized that I must have Ruined the previous blades whilst attempting to load it....I was using a Chinese Schick Injector Key and it seemed to fit the F Type better ....I still had to make sure the blade was seated correctly but it was easier to load....:cool:

    Well...What a complete turn around as the F Type was being transformed into a Magic Wand....I was in Love Again with my Schick Type F Injector....Schick Type F is so Smooth, Smooth and it was indeed living up to is reputation...I cant get away with the performance of the Schick Type F Injector...Its way up there with the Personna Executive & Floating Head Injectors for sure and probably then some ....I was thinking to myself that this thing may perhaps be the GRAND ULTIMATE SCHICK INJECTOR ....I thought my Type D was the business, but this thing is a totally different animal as the Head Dimensions are a lot bigger and it has a fair amount of Blade Exposure....It leaves your Skin just Smooth, Smooth, Smooth like nothing else I can compare it to....I would say its quite an aggressive shaver on the whiskers but ever so forgiving and mild towards the face....A bit of a paradox, I know....:)

    I ended up with the Most Perfect Ultra Smooth Super Close Grand Ultimate BBS Result.....;)

    The Schick Type F Injector does live up to its reputation as the Grand Ultimate Schick Injector and its up there with the Personna Executive & Floating Head Injectors that's for sure and maybe then some...:chores016:

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  2. Misphit

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    I like the art deco styling of the razor. It is much more appealing than the handles of the type G's that I own. How is the weight comparison between the two? It looks like the F would be a heavier handle.
  3. GDCarrington

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    To me the Type F is the most aggressive of the injectors and along with my type I and J hydros is one of my favorites.
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  4. Billyfergie

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    Aye, the F type is the heavier of the two & a bit bigger in size....The smallest & lightest Schick Injector that I own is the D type...Its a very petite injector and also very smooth, but not quite as aggressive as the F type....:chores016:
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  5. Bird Lives

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    I accidently came across this as I was perusing our archives earlier today...

    I had to bump it up...I'm now thinking this is the Schick-Buster!!! The Schick Buster is a Schick after!!!

    This New Improved Schick Injector is a shaving dichotomy....It is my smoothest and most aggressive razor, and yet it is extremly forgiving....It contains many contradictions, but always delivers incredible shaves!

    And once again I agree with our SE & Injector Party Librarian.....The almost Magical performance of this razor, depends on having a blade loader with a key that fits this razor in such a way, so you can load a blade without buggering the edge against the blade stops. And I was paying attention and still blunted several blades without realizing it! But the Chinese Schick and EMS/Personna types reload easy...When this is acheived the shave is magic wand like....

    I also love the Schick C3 Repeater! I think these 2 might be my favorite razors with the F type being the Grand Ultimate Injector...I mean techniquely the C3 is a Repeater and not an "Injector" apples and oranges.....So it looks like my favorite razors are The New Improved Schick Injector and the Schick Simplified Automatic Repeater

    Still working on my New Signature Shave Kit....Maybe the C3 for traveling and the F type for daily...But this new signature shave kit is looking like this so far...
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  6. RaZorBurn123

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    The Schick F type is one I'd like to get, I could have bought one a couple of years ago on eBay for $20. :angry032:
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  7. Linuxguile

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    They have become difficult to find and garner unobtainium prices.
  8. jmudrick

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    One sold today on deBay for $66. Hardly unobtanium pricing. NOS with case be a different story of course.

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  9. Linuxguile

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    Someone lucked out =) . Find me me Schick type D for that price!
  10. jmudrick

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    I know they are rare but I wouldn't pay large for the D, I think it pales in cool factor to the F.

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