The grooming Dept credance soap review

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by matthewoli98, Mar 6, 2019.

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    This soap is tallow based, and absolutely lathers like a bomb!!!!! Its hard to describe the scent, but after lathering you can definitely smell the notes of citrus. Definitely the best soap i have ever used skincare wise, my face is still feeling moisturised 12 hours later!!! Thanks again to Tony for the PIF, both soaps are great!

    Lather 10/10 impossible to fault it, very slick.

    Skincare 10/10 best skincare out of any soap ive ever used.

    Scent 6/10 a bit of a mixed scent when you smell the soap, but after lathering you can definitely smell the citrus.

    Residual slickness 8/10

    Lather stability 10/10 lather could literally last all day, it also builds up super quickly.

    All in all, this is a Great shave soap, and its a pity that this particular one has been discontinued, but if all grooming dept soaps are this good, id definitely recommend giving one of their soaps a try.[​IMG]

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    Grooming Dept Soap might be my favorite brand, I am definitely going to keep this one in mind for my next purchase. Well done!

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    They discontinued it because many people didnt like the smell of the soap, neither did i but the score i gave it for scent is based on after its been lathered, it definitely improves then.

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