The Haul: November 24th - November 30th, 2008

Discussion in 'Show and tell' started by SSLSTudio..., Nov 24, 2008.

  1. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    So what did you folks all get this week.... its winter here in Holland and the snow fell down in buckets.

    I just signed for a delivery. o O O h ....

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  2. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    Ive played CoD4 for quite awhile. My friend picked up CoD5 and said it is equally impressive. I think that is yet to be seen by me at least. The firm that makes CoD2 and CoD4 are usually much better than the one that makes CoD1, CoD3 and now CoD5
  3. scottydoint

    scottydoint Member

    CoD4 was the best game ever! CoD5 is just as good, but I expected a step up. I like how it is back in WWII. It reminds me a lot of CoD2, but with the graphics, and style of CoD4
  4. Bussemand

    Bussemand Well-Known Member

    COD4 rocks!

    I got this today...

  5. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    OK, my 60th birthday is a week away and my lovely wife said you have to check this because we can't wait in case something has to be returned. Nothing does. :D
    Personalzed shaving mug, Classic Brand Lime and Coconut shaving soap and a Thiers-Issard, 7/8, blond horn, carbon steel straight razor. Love you honey! :D

    Special thanks to Dom1971 at "The Bay" for suggesting this to my wife instead of one of his "reconditioned" razors. I have used his razors and they are top notch. He went out of his way to help. Thank you sir!
  6. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

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    I'll have to remember that one. I can never wait for the special day for my gift recipient to open their presents. I can wait for my gifts, though. I'm odd.

    Anyway, great gifts, Steve! :happy096
  7. mastermute

    mastermute FatBoy

    Wow! That is one great birthday present!
  8. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    Enjoy that one Steve ! and make it a good day my mom is gonna be 60 aswell this year in december. Nice mug...
  9. JayKay

    JayKay 3000 posts and all I got was this lousy title

    My room mates sit around playing the new CoD online non-stop. Its a sad reality over here in Jay World.
  10. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger


    I just played 1 Hour Cod4 unreal how far Gaming is these days amazing piece of hardware the PS3.

    Stopped gaming I dont want to game untill my 5.1 is finished.
  11. apswartz

    apswartz New Member

  12. Wishoot

    Wishoot Member

    I hear there's this great game called "Pong".
  13. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    Yes, but you can only play it on a 13" black and white TV. :happy102
  14. Will

    Will Nevermind

  15. soulshine

    soulshine Flower Power

    A wonderful custom burl DE shave handle from Bob. My camera is shot & this is the only decent pic I was able to get. More to follow soon...

  16. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

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    purdy! :love029
  17. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    Very nice gifts, Steve! :drool
    Nice looking razor handle, soulshine!

    @Vesa: Enjoy the 4k King - I sure love mine and its an essential step in my honing progression!
  18. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    s~s That turned out beautiful! Congrats!
  19. soapbuddy

    soapbuddy Mistress of Lather

    My shaving mug. :happy088

  20. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    Very nice Irena, great color and I really like the larger handle! :drool

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