the Incredible new Timeless BRONZE safety DE razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by JazzDoc, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. JazzDoc

    JazzDoc Well-Known Member

    This is the review I posted on the Timeless website regarding their new solid bronze DE razor:

    The Timeless Bronze Safety Razor - FAST!!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my Timeless 0.68 gap stainless steel razor with its scalloped cap & base and dimpled 85mm handle, since the day I got it. Wonderful BBS shaves - always.

    I had to spring for the new Timeless BRONZE razor because I used to buy, sell and trade vintage Turkish cymbals and the patina of those hand hammered bronze pies to a deep chocolate brown was, and is, irresistable to me!

    Well I am SO pleased I bought this offering from Timeless. With its 0.38mm gap, I’d call this razor.....FAST. I can shave to an absolute dolphin skin smoothness with two quick passes in practically no time and with absolute comfort and impunity! NO nicks, weepers nor bumps. Perfect! Initially I could barely feel the blade and wondered if I’d have to go back over the whole shave - but SURPRISE!!! This glorious bronze masterpiece performs with great efficiency.

    So, I’m a fan. I am purposely speaking in superlatives because this razor has it ALL.

    And now I can use it while I savor the bronze patina process as it evolves. Life is good.”
  2. BigMark83

    BigMark83 [...........] this space intentionally left blank

    How is the blade exposure ? Methinks alot of people put so much emphasis on gap, when exposure is also important. I'm not trying to offend here, but I am trying to collect more information from users. Thank you.
  3. JazzDoc

    JazzDoc Well-Known Member

    Actually, @BigMark83, although I didn't use calipers to measure the amount of blade exposure, I placed it next to my Timeless SS (.68 gap) and the exposure looks identical. Both caps are scalloped, but not the base of the Bronze, unlike my SS model. :(
  4. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    I've only shaved with it once, but it's a winner. Fast is a good adjective. Even with a Feather you'd have to try hard to cut yourself. I think it would be a great beginner's razor.

    This one will fit in nicely with my collection. It has its place.

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  5. Redfisher

    Redfisher Doesn't celebrate National Donut Day

    As always a photo would be nice!
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  6. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    Not the best, but here she is.[​IMG]

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  7. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    I love my Timeless Bronze, i get very effecient 2-pass shaves .. don't be put off by the .38mm blade gap as it shaves as good as my Blackbird which has a .58mm blade gap. Excited to watch the patina form over time .. or do i wanna keep it shiny ????

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  8. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

  9. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    I'm curious... do you like the bronze or Stainless razor blade he best? I have the bronze and love it. I'm thinking about purchasing a stainless with a .68 gap. Would like to hear your take on comparing them.
  10. Marc Bagwell

    Marc Bagwell Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased a Timeless Brobze Razor and love it. It's a winner.
  11. Flyingbald

    Flyingbald Member

    I have the bronze and love it. In fact, I think I’ve almost everyone. I currently on the bronze and titanium.95 open comb. A very nice duo.

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  12. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    For those of you wanting additional baseplates for the Bronze, it's close.
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  13. LeGaulois

    LeGaulois Member

    Very good news.
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  14. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    I have a Timeless razor, I don't use it often, the bronze is one that I really like. A lot! Something I may want say for my birthday..;)
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  15. Rhody

    Rhody Well-Known Member

    Great thread. I've ad this in and out of the cart any time. I keep reading that its super mild. Is that true or does it really compare to the .68?

    How does the weight compare to the ss model?

    Help enable me!
  16. Flyingbald

    Flyingbald Member

    Very similar to the .68 scalloped. Price point is awesome and it’s really a fantastic razor. One thing I’ve noticed is how well the razor screws together. The threading is perfect and shows how nice the machining is @ timeless.

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  17. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    I heard somewhere that Timeless is coming out with a more agressive baseplate for the bronze, can anyone else confirm
  18. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    I e-mailed Matt about the very subject on Wednesday. While not release date specific, his reply included "coming soon" and "stay tuned".

    Yes, Timeless confirmed.
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  19. Rhody

    Rhody Well-Known Member

    i like my .68 so I am not as much concerned or wanting a super aggressive one but I have read many posts indicating that the current bronze is very mild. not sure what to believe. but soooo tempted to add this to my collection. I am not thinking I might and take advantage of the 30 day return. and I never do returns so I probably wont ever return it of forget or let 30 days go by...... justifications!
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  20. LOOT

    LOOT Well-Known Member

    Damn, Matt was serious. I just got the e-mail.


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