The King Oscillator - "The shave that clicks"

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Darkbulb, Apr 19, 2015.

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    There were rainbows and puppies too!
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    Hi everyone, I was fortunate enough to catch a Vib'Raz razor and I must say it is the BEST razor I know (and I own about twenty different vintage razors, including Fat Boy, bakelite slants, Shake Sharps, Stahly and so on - and a tough beard). The geometry of the head is really unique and extremely smooth though efficient, as soon as you understand that you have to apply some pressure. Some pictures of mine here !
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    So, do those rollers cause the head to move back and forth?
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    Well no, it moves laterally. But it is really hardly perceptible, and not harmful at all - I never cut myself with this razor. For me the rollers have two main functions : they tell you how to shave properly in terms of angle and pressure (because they should roll), and they gently massage your skin after the hair being cut. To finish my shave I use the head without making the rollers roll. With a Bolzano, this thing shaves like a dream :drool:. Very clever design.
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    Just won the bay auction for one of these King Oscillators. No one else bid on it. Your bravery inspired me to buy it. Can't wait to check it out when it arrives. Comes with original blades but I watched a video of a guy using modern blades in it and seemed to shave fine sans the lawn mower effect.
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    Received the King Oscillator and got it cleaned up and polished. I put a regular DE Personna blade in but it felt loose. The razor came with original blades and they are thicker than modern blades and will need honing. I shimmed the Personna with a cut back blade to take up slack. Too much blade exposure resulted in a very rough shave. Resorted to my dependable Rockwell to finish the shave. Will try honing the original blades and try again.
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    Just saw one of these today local for $40ish. I was curious, but I ended up passing in favor of a few other things. If anyone else is interested, hit me up.

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