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    :signs011: for the Reserve Base for sure.
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    I like bowl lathering and I believe for certain soaps you get better life out of a container when you just scoop enough and spread it in the lathering bowl, when you add water and facial greases to the main puck it can go bad over time is my opinion if hardly used. Hard soaps not so much a problem but croaps can be a issue IMO so I use a bowl regardless if possible or face lather with a face stick soap. The bowl with the JB Marine weld adhesive glued in nickels is my favorite, it holds pressed in soap well and easy to hold and the glue was from a another razor repair and those nickels are not coming off. I glued a nickel on a jar and placed it in -40 degree weather and for over a year outside and still can not pry it off.(money laundering every day almost:rofl:)
    Old Spice mug (2).jpg
    Old spice soap Mug is almost to small for a 24> mm synthetic brush that a lot of folks like to use.

    Shaving bowls 2019 (2).jpg
    Have some great shaves!
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    very cool.i did the nicels /bowl .works very well..

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