Those old Gillette blade dispensers could they damage a blade when installing a blade?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Ron R, Dec 2, 2018.

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    The blade may be harder, but the edge is still extremely thin. Thus the warning on the package to never wipe the blade dry.
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    A bit off topic but I worked in a pulp mill and a lot of folks do not know what makes great paper. Folks who take our pulp and formulate with different species of fiber from Aspen to coniferous trees and add clay's and a few other secret ingredients. As a rule of thumb the stronger you want the paper the more soft wood fiber(coniferous-pine & spruce) is added because it has a longer fiber and aspen (popular trees)are more a filler. The beautiful pictures you see in national geographic are special paper that is bright white and has added clay to make it glossy. Specialty paper is a art in it's self and has closely guarded secret formulations that make it so flexible and a joy to look at physical pictures.
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    That true, I didn't take that into account.
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    Thanks, Ron. I am still a bit stiff, but I am getting better. The bubble wrap helps.
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    I just received some New GEM Personna PTFE blades in their dispenser and I really like this system some one engineered for picking out the new ones and disposing of spent blades.
    gem Personna blade dispenser (2).jpg gen Personna blade dispenser (2).jpg
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