Thoughts on One Razor?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Admiral Beez, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Admiral Beez

    Admiral Beez Active Member

    I just saw an ad on tv for

    I like the price and the fact that it's not some guys idea to create a auto order blade system.

    It can't be the greatest quality, but it's a low cost entry into the DE market.
  2. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    They sell it at Wally World for less.
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  3. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    For a few dollars more you could upgrade to a much better razor. Maggards. RazoRock. Edwin Jagger. Vintage Gillette.
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  4. Omaney

    Omaney Well-Known Member

    If you want that razor, just get a Weishi from amazon. $12-$13...same razor without the Dorco blades.
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  5. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

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    Just check out the antique stores and find a vintage Gillette. You will be much happier.
  6. Mr. Shaverman

    Mr. Shaverman Well-Known Member

    They're good razors. My favorite TTO, actually. You can get them at a lot of stores in the As Seen On TV section, but not the shaving section. If you want to wait you can get them on Ebay for about half the price.
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  7. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

  8. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

  9. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

  10. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    50 years from now these will be referred to as the 'Pawn version' and NIB will go for crazy money on eBay - which is now located on Mars.
  11. DEfettish

    DEfettish Well-Known Member

    After starting with the very similar VanderHagen I would say that it is a good jumping off point but I don't think that it would make a good go to razor.
  12. Mustache

    Mustache Well-Known Member

    It can work but is a VERY mild razor. I bought into the "hype" with the MTO because it was cheap, readily available, and if it didn't work out I wasn't out much. As I said though, now that I've had some experience and practice with my vintage superspeeds and new Merkur 34c, I decided to give it another try. If you(I) have any more than one days growth, it is too mild and I really need to work at getting a good shave. My first shave with the 34c came out better than any shave I've had with the MTO.
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  13. droberts0503

    droberts0503 Well-Known Member

    I say get a Lord L6 from Amazon. $10 shipped and it's a fine, if ropey looking, razor.
  14. Mister C

    Mister C Member

    So true. I wish I'd a bought a truck load of Gillette 195's back when they we're $1.95. Guess I better load up on Micro Touch One NIBs now while they're still under $20!
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  15. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    I just picked up one of these a couple hours ago. A pretty sweet deal from CL
    . Used once, $5

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  16. Mustache

    Mustache Well-Known Member

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  17. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    Don't We All. I think my Father had several plus some great Straight Razors and Stops and Shaving Mugs,(that were his Fathers) But the Wicked Witch of the North aka his wife. Gave them all to my worthless Scu$# Bag Brother in Law!
  18. Admiral Beez

    Admiral Beez Active Member

    Looks like they went bust.

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  19. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    Holy crap this thread is five years old!
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  20. Admiral Beez

    Admiral Beez Active Member

    IK, but it’s my thread, and I thought I’d circle back to check on them, so hopefully we can overlook the necromancy.
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