Time Life WW II photo

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  1. gorgo2

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    A Gem or Ever Ready with an odd longish looking comb and Star blade (I think) on the bunk. In the footlocker to the right is a Twinplex and what must be a Gillette case.
  2. Weasel640

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    Also looks like a Williams Doublecap shave stick tin next to the brush.
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  3. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    And it's a cool looking brush too. I'm going to tear this page out and included in the Box. Someone may want it.
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  4. rbilly

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    I just got a gem that was my great grandfather's, I was told it's world war 2 era but I'm not sure it's bakelite handle I'm not sure the year they started using those. This picture is really interesting, different times.
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    Brings back memories.
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  6. brit

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    very cool..
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  7. Weasel640

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    What year and volume of the publication was this photo found in?

    Are you talking about the fat or skinny bakelite handle? If the skinny; Gem Junior was sold with the skinny black bakelite handle to the troops though their Quarter Master starting in 1942. It came in a black plastic case with a set of blades marked "U.S. Armed Forces". It was found under Stock Number: 29-R-1035; Specification Number: JCQMD 7. There were other razors available at the time under this Stock Number, but the Gem Junior was also marked as Model G 3.
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  8. BamaT

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    The first thing I noticed was the soldier looking very neat, and then the 03 Springfield! Nice pic, and cudos for picking up on the shave items.
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  9. rbilly

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    I will see if I can post a picture tomorrow
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  10. gorgo2

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    Wasn't an actual issue, more of a compendium edition.
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  11. Weasel640

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    So like something out of this set or another issue more specific? How would one go about finding this issue? I'm sure that there are more of these out there.
    This is the one that was made available to troops in 1942:
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  12. Primotenore

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    Article Team
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  13. rbilly

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  14. rbilly

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    That's the one I have exactly
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  15. dmshaver

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    Fascinating to look at all the items. Truly a soldiers survival kit.
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    I love this kind of stuff.

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