Time to trade again

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by awake2shave, Nov 1, 2012.

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    So its been a few months sine my last trade I don't really have many razors left but what I have for trade is below I am open to any trade just ask.

    Most wanted Items:

    Iridium blades
    Muhle R41
    Any Cadet Razor
    Razor/Brush Stand
    Pink Lady Gillette
    Black Beauty or Soviet clone
    Single ring

    What I have for trade:
    Samples of the 30 or so soaps and creams I own
    John Pimble Barbers hone (Bought from Glen used less than 8 times since)
    Schick Krona Plastic knob (great shape)

    sept 13th.jpg
    Polsilver Blades (made in Lodz)

    Slim Adjustable (full working order)
    Adjustable Schick injector (missing sticker)
    Adj injector.jpg

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