Timeless 95 SB: First Shave Assessment (GODLY)

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    First Shave with the Timeless 95 SB Stainless

    Summary: Best Shave of My life.

    Now I'm hitting myself on the head for not getting into this brand earlier..........I was a bit scared since many people told me that this was scarily aggressive and harsh, so I was expecting R41 and H2 level of Aggressiveness and 3-4 pints of blood in my bathroom floor.

    I used B&M Vespers Soap (Best soap formula I currently own) and loaded a very reliable blade for me on any razor, which is the Wilkinson Sword Blade. I probably spent a good 2 minutes just looking at this beauty, all shiny and good looking.

    First Pass: I went my usual routine for the first pass, north to south (which is almost ATG in my case). This razor withstood those ATG hairs like a true champ, very similar to one of my favorites, the ATT SE1. Considering this is a DE razor, that is incredible.

    I guess this is due to the blade lock system on Timeless razors, it really prevents the blade from bending back or chattering. I have found this really aides a lot in the comfort of my shaves and most importantly, in preventing any irritation, since irritation for experiences shavers mostly comes from chatter/ blade bending and scraping the skin.

    I also could not feel the blade as much as I feel it in the ATT R1 (Regular Line) or in the Blackbird. It was INCREDIBLY smooth, almost could not believe the smoothness of this razor. It felt like an M1 on my face, but with the effectiveness of an H1 (again, almost unheard of). It stayed the same during the entire shave, and I even did various touch-ups, unlathered, without a hitch.

    After the shave, I applied the B&M aftershave, no sting at all, 0 irritation and complete BBS on my neck (have a light beard), which is the hardest spot for anyone to get BBS.

    At that point, I already knew this was something special and even mid shave I started thinking about the 95 Scalloped and the 95 Open Comb and had me thinking if I finally have arrived at my destination razor brand (in theory at least, as I know I want to own a wolfman as well).

    I really thought this level of smoothness was only possible on extremely mild razors such as DE89s and such, but somehow Timeless is able to duplicate that level of smoothness on an extremely close shave.

    In Summary, I would rank the 95 SB as an extremely smooth razor (very mild feeling during the shave), and an extremely efficient razor (amazing ability to remove hair).

    For Comparison Purposes this is much much milder and smoother feeling than the Blackbird (I LOVE the blackbird as well), and just a tad less efficient than a blackbird (Blackbird 7.5, 95 SB = 7.0).

    Guys, don't sleep on Timeless like I did, this is a game-changing razor for me and now I wonder what are the differences between the 95SB, Scalloped and OC. I need to add one of those for Xmas.

    I also bought the 68OC but I doubt it would get much use (but will keep it as I don't have any really mild razors, and 68 would be my mildest one).
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    Birthday Shave of the day with the 68 OC (first try)

    Razor: Timeless 68 OC with Scalloped Cap

    Soap and Aftershave: The Club Project C (SFWS)

    Brush: Leo Frilot's SFWS 2018 Brush

    Fragrance: Roja Creation E (Enigma) Parfum Extrait

    Bowl: Timeless Lather Bowl

    This soap has quickly become my favorite soap scent ever!! And it makes sense, since Roja Creation E is on my top 5 fragrance of all time, and my absolute favorite tobacco-based fragrance. This soap smells IDENTICAL to creation E and the aftershave is exactly the same, while being detectable for about 3 hours.

    The new updated soap base is also off-the-charts good, this is a super premium soap base, right there with the best of the best.

    Also testing my new Timeless 68 OC, might be a bit mild for me (Prefer the 95) but still provides a super smooth shave, although more passes are needed compared to the 95.

    Happy Sunday!

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