Timeless Aluminum Razor I Like It.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Bill G, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Bill G

    Bill G Well-Known Member

    I got my Timeless Aluminum razor in today and man this razor is light. With that said I like light razors as well as the more heavy ones. I just adjust to each razor as needed for the Shave.

    The razor on two days growth did a nice job. My two day growth is probably comparable to a lot of guys 24 hr growth.. Lol. As some has said you can feel the blade more than the Bronze .38. I still found it to be a mild/Mid aggressive efficient shaver and I liked it a lot based on first impressions.

    I also found the lightness of the razor to work well on my sensitive neck area. It took less concentration on this area to get a nice shave than it does with my razors that are heavier. Lightness is one of the reasons I Love my Timeless.95 Titainium scalloped razor. My neck area like a lot of guys has to be approached with thought not to get it irritated. I get it right 98% of the time but that 2% of the time sucks.. Lol..

    This razor is a keeper it goes nicely with my other Timeless razors and it gave me a great shave with a couple of passes and a little touch up.

    The fit and finish is of course Timeless quality.

    Timeless collection.. Aluminum far left pic next .95 S/S scalloped, .95 Titainium scalloped, Bronze .38

    Happy Shaves To Everyone,
    Bill G

  2. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    Nice Timeless collection!
  3. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    Beautiful collection you got there.
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  4. Bill G

    Bill G Well-Known Member

    A little update,

    I have a few Shaves now on my second batch Timeless Aluminum and my opinion from my first posting has been reinforced. I love this razor it's a great shavor for me. The razor is very easy to use and I am getting fantastic 2 pass Shave with some light touch up on my troublesome neck areas. BBS Shaves no irritation what's to complain about.

    Timeless in my opinion for the price and quality of this razor has hit it out of the Ball Park.

    I love my Timeless.95 Titainium as well and both these razors do a fantastic job. I like the size and the lighter weight of both these razors. I find the lighter weight of both these razors a tad easier to control/manage on my more troubled neck areas.

    Another razor that is light and performs well for me in the lighter category is the Razo Rock Game Changer both the .68 and the .84

    All The Best,
    Bill G
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  5. Danny A Al-batal

    Danny A Al-batal New Member

    How does the bronze .38 compare to the SS .95 scalloped in terms of aggressiveness? I've currently got the bronze .38
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  6. Bill G

    Bill G Well-Known Member

    Danny for me,

    The bronze is a good shaver but takes more passes than the .95 scalloped. This can lead to more irritation if not careful on my neck area.

    The scalloped .95 S/S and the .95 scalloped titanium both are very efficient and smooth shavers. More aggressive/efficient than the bronze. For me they get the job done faster and more efficient with less or no irritation getting the job done in two passes.

    The bronze takes more effort 3 passes and a bit of touch up in certain areas. The bronze still does a fine job. It just seems to takes more passes leading to the possibility of more irritation if not careful. Sometimes not as close of shave but a darn good shave.

    I find the Timeless .46 aluminum razor to be less efficient than the .95 Timeless razors but is for sure a bit more efficient than the bronze. The aluminum is smooth but has more blade feel/aggressiveness on the face to me. It does give a great shave after you get the feel of it being lighter. (I sort of like the lighter razors but have no issues with the heavier ones) and is one of the reason I like my .95 scalloped titanium so much.

    That is how it is for me with these razors. All of them are good shavers in there own way. I really like the .95 scalloped titanium the best (is my favorite Timeless razor) followed equally in a different way for each razor by the S/S .95 scalloped and the .46 aluminum. There all slightly different and have there own shaving attributes specific to each razor.

    Happy Shaves,
    Bill G
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  7. ischiapp

    ischiapp Well-Known Member

    I love aluminum razors.
    The Timeless ALSB45 is no exception.
    With its 48g for 100mm, 6061-T6 alloy is nice.


    Long and consistent handle, but light and balanced.
    The section is a bit wider than average, as in the classic house design.
    Thanks to the efficient material, it is very handy.

    The geometry of the head is quite square.
    Unlike other models, it is not too bulky.
    Even if it's not exactly a twig.
    But still comfortable in use.

    The gap is moderate, at 0.45mm.
    But without a marked arch, therefore a good efficacy.
    This, however, needs a small adjustment of the angle of use.
    In fact, it's quite a technical razor, and it requires a learning curve.
    So less intuitive than others, but still easy ... once you get it.

    The performance is absolutely excellent.
    Today with both razors the same perfect result.
    Then it must be said that it has a manufacture worthy of its well-deserved fame.
    Perfect matches, fine details, bewitching features.
    All at a consistent price, given the brand.

    But my champion PP1489 costs a fraction ...

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