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  1. Afzal

    Afzal New Member

    Hi there,

    I was roaming around the Internet and forund some great information about the Blades and Razors, I would like to share some of the top quality blades and rozrs to let everyone know about them.

    Let get started with Merkur "Vision" 2000 Double-Edge Razor, This one is Imported from Germany.

    The Razor features full adjustability, allowing you to change the angle of the blade within the razor's head to match your personal requirements, and a perfect balance that makes it a pure pleasure to use. The "Vision" razor will provide a shave quality that can only be compared with a Professional Barbershop Shave and is sure to exceed your expectations.
  2. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    I have not used the Vision, or the Vision 2000 - what are your thoughts? How does it shave? How does it compare to merkur's other razors?
  3. Stubble

    Stubble Member

    I have a Vision 2000 and really like it. It makes a neat sound as it mows down the whiskers. This is a heavy razor, that requires no additional pressure, to give you a great shave. It's like a German tank going across your face, very solid, smooth and confident. The handle is large, and easy to grip. The handle size also contributes to the great balance of the razor. This razor is truely a pleasure to use, built to last a lifetime or longer. I have mine set on the lowest setting, and it is an extremely comfortable, close shave. I use Feather blades and it is a real pleasure.

    Some have complained about alignment problems and other issues with the Vision. I have not experienced any of that. I took it out of the box, slapped a blade into it, and never looked back. Great razor!
  4. qaswer

    qaswer New Member

    I am agreed and i love this due to the same as you described . I have it since a long time and it is doing a great job for me .
  5. fritz

    fritz New Member

    Well, I started the Modern Era of DE shaving with a Merkur LH Classic, then went to a Futur. I have ordered a Vision and anxiously awaiting it. Both the LH Classic and the Futur have been good-- I'm looking forward to the Vision as the ultimate.:drool
  6. qaswer

    qaswer New Member

    Not familiar with and didn't hear about it ever . If you have some link then please provide it .
  7. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Classic Shaving

    I was looking for the Vision at Lee's and Vintage Blades, but it's not on the list of inventory! Is the Vision being phased out, or is it just not popular enough?
  8. fritz

    fritz New Member

    Or is it so popular they can't keep it in stock?:D
    Here's a link:

    I've only had my Vision for about 2 weeks, and the first few shaves were a little difficult, but once you get used to how it works, it works very well.
  9. Htownmmm

    Htownmmm Member

    From what I have heard, Merkur has produced a 'new' VISION-looks the same but may have different problems. That being said, I currently own a VISION and love it.

    Initially I purchased an HD, but upon arrival, I felt it was too small so ordered the VISION pronto. When it arrived, I was impressed- large, well balanced, and heft in one package.

    Add the sound the VISION makes when shaving(my other razors do not produce whisker slicing music like it) and it gives beautiful shaves. i had to find which blade worked best with it-I can use Derbys or Israelis and get great shaves; Feathers are a no-no in this razor(unless its dialed all the way down, which makes it useless for my beard).

  10. fritz

    fritz New Member

    I may have one of the "new" ones. For instance, it doesn't have the infamous Torx-5 setscrew on the handle. I can remove the bottom cap, the bottom twist-handle, and the silo mechanism, but no more. The base plate on which the blade rests is "peened" into the handle with a large brass tube that goes about halfway down the inside of the handle. The other end of this tube presumably has some scheme for locking everything together.
  11. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Oyyyyyyyyy, Feathers, Feathers, Feathers......If only I could use them without any issues.....I had a Merkur Vision, which gave me great shaves, but all of a sudden, the Parker 22R appeared on the scene, and the rest is history.
  12. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    Having never used one of those fancy "bells and whistles" razors, I really can't comment. I CAN say though, that the EJ Chatsworth is an outstanding razor. Rather long, quite heavy, an excellent shaver and you will not find a more beautiful razor.

    Oh, and the fuzzy thing behind it is my BK4 - just in case you didn't notice! ;)

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