Tradere is coming back: ETA Fall 2019

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by PLANofMAN, Aug 1, 2019.

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    For those who don't know, Tradere was a short lived razor manufacturer who produced 3 models of razor for about 2 years. Tradere and Weber pioneered the modern stainless 3 piece razor about 10 years ago.

    Less than 2,000 Tradere razors were made, and they have an excellent reputation in the shaving community.

    Tradere founder, Richard Mason, has partnered up with Shane at Blackland Razors to bring back the Gen 1 OC and Gen 2 SB this fall.

    I predict that this will break a lot of people's "no buy 2019," promises.
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  2. DaltonGang

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    Any pics of what they will look like??
    Or, links to the articles???

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  3. FaceScraper

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    Indeed it is! I'll bet there are a number of collectors (and folks who were stashing them to re-sell) who aren't completely thrilled about the return. I think it's fabulous that Shane is the one who gets to bring it back. He will do a great job making this happen. He did a Q&A session of Facebook live a couple of nights ago explaining how it all came about, the specs, etc. Richard has given Shane free rein to do what he wants with the Tradere name, but he's going to keep it very close to the original. A few minor tweaks, such as the knurling.

    The best thing about the "comeback" is that it truly is a comeback. As long as people continue to buy them, Shane will make them. No limited production stuff. It's going to be listed with the rest of Blackland's products, and the Tradere name will be considered a model designation in the Blackland catalog.

    Kudos to Richard for allowing Tradere to be made again, and for his reasoning - he wants it to be something that (while still high end) can be bought by anyone who wants one, and not be only in collector's dens.

    I wish both Richard and Shane the best with this razor. If anyone can bring it back with style and quality, it's Shane.
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  4. PLANofMAN

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    Google Tradere for pictures of the razors. I imagine they will look just like the originals, perhaps sans serial numbers. Think a Pils/Blackland style head on a Gillette bell end aristocrat handle, and that's pretty much it. They are a good looking razor, imo.

    Here's a review with pictures, courtesy of @Darkbulb

    I don't link to Facebook. Google facebook blackland razors. There's a video Q+A session there as well.
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  5. FaceScraper

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    There will be serial numbers. From what I remember from the Q&A, they're going to start at 2000. I know some folks are into the serial number thing (for whatever reason). Shane did mention that he won't be taking requests from customers for a specific serial number. You'll get what you get.

    They're going to be offered as complete razors only. You aren't going to have the option of getting one complete razor and then ordering an additional baseplate.

    But, yes - by the sounds of it, once these are produced, they are to be very, very close to the originals - in both appearance and performance.
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  6. Brian Distance

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    I believe the same thing will happen with the original Tradere and the new Blackland/Tradere as what happened to the LA shaving soap BBS-1 and the newer Wolfman edition. Collectors will want the original Traderes and the price will still escalate.
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  7. FaceScraper

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    I suppose that's quite possible. Collectors are collectors. They'll stop at nothing and pay whatever the market bears for the item(s) they want. There are going to be those who want the originals - and they'll pay what they need to.

    On the practical end of the spectrum, since the Tradere that Blackland is putting out has been reverse-engineered from the originals, with just a couple of minor tweaks, it's going to be 98% (throwing out a hypothetical percentage) like the originals. I don't know if I'll end up with a Tradere, but if I do, it's going to be the Blackland Tradere. It'll be close enough to the original to satisfy me. I'm sure that will be the case for many other folks who want one.

    The whole BBS-1/Wolfman thing is different. While Wolfman still exists, and the design is based off the original, it's still very difficult to get a Wolfman. That's why the Wolfman razors get bought up then resold on BSTs.

    Blackland does business differently. Shane does his best to keep a sellout from happening. He was caught off guard with the Vector and the stainless Blackbirds recently and did sell out. However, more are being made right now and will be back in stock again. He's already stated the Tradere is not a limited production run. He'll continue to make them as long as people buy them.
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  8. PLANofMAN

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    It will be interesting to see if Weber might might a comeback as well through Blackland.
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  9. ShaneS

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    If you (or anyone) have the contact I’d be happy to look into it.
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  10. PLANofMAN

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  11. ChiefShaver

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    Maybe i missed it or i am just to blind to see, but are there any infomations about the price?
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  12. PLANofMAN

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    In the video, he says the price will be "...around $200," or more...and not less than $200.

    I think the originals were anout $170, so not a terrible markup, especially considering there are licencing fees and/or royalties involved.
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  13. ChiefShaver

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    Ah ok, then i missed this part :lyrtuy5:

    Thank you very much.
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  14. Nicked

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    Shane makes a great razor, no doubt the vector i can speed shave with blind folded and the Sabre L2 is perhaps my favorite razor i own and i have a few.

    Was this one really so well executed in geometry that to this day in CNC high end razors it still shines and no one else has replicated the geometry?
  15. PanChango

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    I really liked the original Tradere razors, but always wished they would have made a shorter handle.

    Not everyone wants a 4" handle and ended up selling it.
  16. Str8on2

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    A good & easy carefree shave with the Blackland Tradere. Used a fresh Feather Hi-SS blade and the suds from Barrister & Mann Ravish soap, nearly flawless. I’ve grown to like the length of the handle and it no longer feels awkward though it wasn’t by much when I first used it 6-7 months ago. It’s a beaut to look at with it’s unique make up and delivers a smooth yet deceptively efficient shave. It’s always a 3 pass affair but, most of the time I make plenty of lather for 4-5 passes ( I’m a glutton for having more lather than necessary) and simply it’s just a true joy to shave with this wonderfully crafted piece of kit. No regrets in owning this tool....


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