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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by TraderJoe, Jul 12, 2007.

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    Rust prevention on Treet "Black Beauty".

    Rather than immersing the razor (since I have the Treet Blue Special in several razors now), I just rinse the head of the razor.

    I got a 1-cup canning jar, discarded the ring, and kept the lid---it forms a tight seal (to prevent evaporation of the alcohol) and I can simply lift it off.

    I filled it with 91% rubbing alcohol, which I found at the local drugstore: a pint for $2, roughly. The high percentage is important.

    When I finish the shave, I rinse the razor head in hot water from the tap, shake it out well, immerse the head in the rubbing alcohol and swish it around, then remove it (and replace the lid on the little jar) and put it in the rack to dry.

    The alcohol displaces the water and then evaporates quickly. I had no problem getting 5 rust-free shaves from a blade. YMMV, but this trick does prevent rust.
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    Treet Blue.

    First impression after six shaves with two different razors. Three apiece. The first pass is lousy and the 2,3,4 passes are OK. Not my first choice of blade. I use 6 different soaps/creams with the same result.
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    Have you tried the Sharp brand from the same source? I have a five pack in the medcine cabinet, but have not tried them yet as my current blade a Super Dinosaur, also from the same source, has lasted me 18 streight days in a row now.:bounce015

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