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  1. for the year 1999/2000, who could have been selling a triple or even maybe a four blade disposable razor without a lubrication strip in america/u.s.???? gillette, schick, bic, or someone else maybe???? can someone please help me out here please??? rsvp.
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    That was twenty years ago. If I recall correctly, three and four blade cartridges had only just been introduced at that time. I remember cartridges for both being sold without a lubricating strip, but am not sure if it was in 1999 or which brand. Perhaps if you tell why you are asking, we could give you a better answer.
  3. Well because Ive only seen twin blade disposables without lubricaciĆ³n strip but never with more Blades than that. Rsvp
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    Hmmm... Maybe I didn't recall correctly. I have not used a cartridge razor in nearly a decade.

    Are you looking to purchase new cartridges without the lubricating strip? If so, you could always get them with the lubricating strip and remove it. This video shows how:

    If you do not want to hassle with removing the lubricating strip, most store brand Trac II cartridges should work. The Trac II system is old as the hills, but will still give good shaves. As others have said, old school double edge razors are another option. If you want to look into this option further, I recommend reading this forum and Dr. Shave's Book of Shaving, and also Mantic59's excellent YouTube channel. There is a learning curve, but it is nothing terribly hard.

    So some solutions, even if not perfect. I hope this helps!

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