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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by PLANofMAN, Aug 31, 2012.

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    "If you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same." -Rudyard Kipling

    I stumbled across this brand today while browsing the interwebs. It's a Kiwi/Australian brand called "Triumph & Disaster." The packaging looks pretty cool, understated and elegant at the same time. Anyone used their stuff?
  2. R33F

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    From Kipling's famous poem - If

    Australian online store is stocking it. Am keen to try their shave cream so I might grab some this month.

    I do like their site.
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    I like the owner's Tumblr blog as well, but it's not exactly family friendly, so I didn't post any links.;)
  4. Slipperyjoe

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    Certainly the most dramatic name I've ever seen for a shaving product..:eek:
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    I should mention that these products have only been out for about four or five months.
  6. raag

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    I've had a play with a few of their things. All of it seems to be well catered to sensitive skin, and is nicely packaged as you mentioned.

    Their Shaving Cream is interesting. I had a bit of difficulty lathering it initially, but was eventually able to get a good lather by using more cream. It smells great, really fresh and nice. Good for the warmer months.

    Their Ritual Face Cleanser is good. Effective cleanser, smells nice too...

    Their Shearer's Soap smells nice, in a old-world hard-labour kinda way. It's hard to describe but I definitely like it.

    Haven't tried their moisturiser or face scrub yet!
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  7. Ryan B

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    It sounds interesting and I like how they name their products. It's also very expensive.
  8. R33F

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    I have some of their Shave Cream on the way (ordered on Saturday). Am looking forward to trying it out. Will keep you posted. :happy088:
  9. PLANofMAN

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    Thanks, looking forward to hearing about it!
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  10. R33F

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    OK, I am going to describe the Triumph & Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream.

    As this is my first 'review' on this forum, please be tolerant. I welcome constructive criticism via direct message in lieu of in the thread. :thanks:

    I had seen the product when I ordered it, so the tub is exactly as it is advertised. The ingredients are on the front, followed by the fragrances (see photo's attached).

    Opening the tub I was met with a citrus / sweet scent with something under it, that soon came to me as the wooly, wax scent I believe to be Lanolin. It reminded me of my Grandfather holding citrus peels if that makes sense. :) My best description would be an old school aroma under a fresh citrus scent.

    I made sure I used pre / post shave products with minimal fragrance, and 1 hour after the shave, the Shave Creams Fragrance has settled into something I am comfortable wearing, and will use in the summer months here either with or without a lighter / fresher AS.

    T&D claim a hint of 'Turkish Barber Shop' in the aroma. Now while never in a Turkish Barber shop myself, it definitely has an Barber shop aroma to me.

    I placed the sealed tub on a mug of hot water while I showered & prepared to shave. Once everything was ready I opened the tub and took the small amount that was on the inside of the lid. Probably no more than a thumbnail in length and not thick. With the pre soaked badger & the hot shave mug I whipped up a great lather in about 90 seconds or so. It's a different lather to the Proraso Red I have been using. My perception is it wasn't as 'heavy' either in texture or in lathering the cream.

    I rinsed and re applied after each passed (I keep the mug sitting in the hot water while shaving), and found that once on the skin it lathered well and was as thick (although not as heavy) as the Proraso. The last pass I painted / stroked the lather on and it still held well for the third pass (ATG).

    I think with a little practice, or a more experienced hand will produce a better lather than I did on my first attempt with the T&D Cream. I will be using this cream on a regular basis now that we are in Spring heading towards our summer, and am sure will produce a better lather each time.

    I took some real positives from the fragrance, and while I found the citrus strong to me at first, it soon mellowed into a very pleasant scent that I think complimented the other aromas.

    At $26.00 (AUD) it is more expensive than alot of creams, with the exception of MWF with bowl.


    The photo unfortunately didn't show the lather as well as I would have liked, and without the flash was too dark. Hopefully you can take something from it.


    The Ingredients & the Fragrance in the front.

    Here is the description from T&D:

    Updated a little but basically true to old world formulas just without the scorched earth and napalmed cheeks, 'T&D' Old Fashioned Shave Cream delivers a great shave without all the old nasties that we now frown upon. Unique aromas of old-school medicinal notes, bright, fresh citrus tones and a hint of Turkish barbershop at the back end evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia that we think befitting of a gentleman's morning ritual.
    We do recommend using a shave brush to create the perfect lather and give you the best shave. But it's not essential. A small dollop onto the palm of your hand can be worked up and applied just the same.
    Triumph & Disaster 'Old Fashioned Shave Cream' softens and prepares your whiskers, creates a perfect foamy lather for any blade, and delivers a smooth, close shave.
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  11. raag

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    Great review. I think you've captured the scent really accurately... "Old school aroma with a fresh citrus scent". I find some limey/citrus a bit too bright for my taste (as I usually wear scents that are a bit darker and muskier) but I did enjoy the T&D Cream's scent a lot. I might swap over to all citrus shaving products and a new cologne when the Australian Spring actually gets warm...
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    I think it's very, very unusual to find a shave cream with lanolin in it. In fact I can't think of any others out there. for that reason alone, it would be worth giving it a try. I know a lot of people will probably balk at the price, but there are some in this forum who buy Trumpers and Trufitt & Hill, and would find this a cheaper option. The creative force behind this product line dedicated himself to making these products from natural ingredients. His listing of the ingredients, and even the fragrance used to scent them, seems to bear this out.

    The directions seem to call for face lathering rather than bowl or mug lathering. Have you tried this yet?
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  13. R33F

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    I guess the bottom line is: Will I buy the T&D Shave Cream again. Yes.

    I am going to pick up some Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner next month as I think the 'Frangrance Free / Alcohol Free' will not affect the aroma of the T&D cream either. The Nivea PS Cream worked a treat as it is also Frangrance Free.

    raag, could you suggest an AS that would go with the T&D Cream ? Have you tried the Speick AS lotion ? I am wondering if this scent would compliment the cream or not ? I have not tried the Speick AS, but was sent a sample of their body wash with a previous order & loved the smell.

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  14. raag

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    I haven't personally used the Speick AS or Body Wash - an initial whiff that I just had quickly made me think it would go reasonably well with the T&D Cream. It's got a very fresh, herbaceous scent. If you don't mind using an after shave balm rather than a splash, I think the Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food would go well (and the Skin Food is my personal favourite aftershave). I'll try and remember to give a shave with that and the T&D Cream Friday and report back with the scent-results :)
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    Well, I will be jiggered. Learn something new every day.:) Apparently, the TSD Wheat shaving cream also has lanolin in it!
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  17. raag

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    Still haven't actually shaved yet, I've decided to be a bit scruffy for the last couple days - I'll report back when I try that combo though. Shouldn't be long :)
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  18. R33F

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    Hey Raag how did you get on mate ? Did you get a shave with the Triumph & Disaster followed by some Speick ?

    I'm loving the T&D the more I use it !

    ps: congratulations on your interview / article in the Spring edition of 'Manspace' :)
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  19. raag

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    I didn't try it with the Speick!...but a couple days ago I did remember you and try it with the Limes Skin Food which it matched very well with. A barber's shaving me tonight (!!!) but I'll try and give the Speick a go soon. Same with me and the T&D - it's definitely a bit different to the Olde English creams but has its own charm, and I adore the smell. And thank you! That article was a lot of fun to work on.
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