Trouble with Razors Edge?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Claude Stewart, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. lottenhem

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    Sorry to hear that, yeah sometimes it feels almost impossible to get a razor sharp. Right now I have a CVH MK No. 8 that I struggle with. More information soon...

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  2. Steve56

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    Sometimes they just don’t want to cooperate.
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  3. Claude Stewart

    Claude Stewart Well-Known Member

    Yes. But the agony of defeat stings.... :scared011:
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  4. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member

    Defeat is a temporary thing with straight razors!
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  5. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    I am not at all anywhere near proficient at honing ( I have had successes and failures), but I have discovered that certain blades are easier to hone than others. That's nothing new to the experts, but it was a revelation to me.
  6. Claude Stewart

    Claude Stewart Well-Known Member

    Well, after the failed shave, I decided to remove the edge and start over. Just in case I was still following the old edge geometry. Only a thought.

    I started with the 400 grit stone. Working my way slowly to a completely new geometry. What I found was this.

    In the pics below, they're exaggerated but its what the edge shows; the white coloring is how the edge was taking shape. High on the toe of the left side of the blade.

    American Geneva1.jpg

    and high on the heel of the right side of the blade.

    American Geneva.jpg

    The only thing this tells me is perhaps an object was stored on the razor and it warped the blade into a S??? I can't notice it under a magnifier but what else can explain high points on opposite sides and opposite ends of the razor?

    Trying to understand but, I have limited knowledge with this dilemma.

    Thanks for taking the time.
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  7. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member

    That’s true, even with the same brand and model - SR are all hand made and each one is a product of a human hand. I imagine that manufacturers had high end products and lower end products, and the low end required more honing work. Good finish honing would have been a good part of the labor.

    I have 3 of the Herder 49s (7/8) that were selling cheap on eBay for a while, great razors but they had Gold Dollar bevels, obviously spine off the hone. It took hours as I wanted these to be good and went slowly. I went down to a 500 grit stone. Recently I was the lucky recipient of a NOS Filarmonica 14 Novodur. The bevel set on a 4k stone and the difference between it and the the Herders in factory edge preparation was night and day.
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  8. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member

    Looks like the blade has a twist to it. You can still hone it, you’ve done the hard part, figuring the geometry out. Now figure out the stroke that you need to hone it. Maybe on the corner of a stone, narrow hone, etc.
  9. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    At this point, I suggest you send it off to someone who knows how to properly evaluate your blade.
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  10. Billyfergie

    Billyfergie The Scottish Ninja

    Like Glen Said.Its Just Down to GYMNASTICS ..Honing Gymnastics is Not Necessary a Definite Named Stroke..Its the Art of Knowing & Feeling on the Hones & Of Course Experience on the Hones..Its Does Not Take Much to Throw Off the Inexperienced or Even when One thinks they are Experienced..Oh Aye,,Forget Awe that Convex Hone Pish..:happy097:

    Thee is a an Old Martial Arts Saying by the Gung Fu Masters..There are NO SECRETS..The Learning is in the Practice..:kar:

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  11. Edison Carter

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  12. Billyfergie

    Billyfergie The Scottish Ninja

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  13. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Yep. What he said. :signs011:
    Learn with the tried and true hones, not the latest greatest gizmo hones, with a bump in the middle of them.
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  14. Edison Carter

    Edison Carter Goo-bloomin' Stankster

    Yeah what he said.
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