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    Thanks to @COMPNOR, I was the lucky winner a while ago of his pif for 3 TSD soaps. I know the TSD shop is closed, but I wanted to review the soaps I received. Sorry this has taken so long, I was having some health issues, then a family member was in the hospital, but everyone's good now!

    I received the Gunpowder, Gunsmoke, & Gunmetal soaps. Compnor had them packaged each in their own tubs, thank you Compnor!

    Gunpowder has the most forward gunpowder scent of the three. There is a slight background hint of leather, so overall a pleasant scent. Gunsmoke added a touch more leather to the scent notes. Gunmetal was balanced between gunpowder, leather, & a faint hint of sweetness. Overall, I liked the scent of Gunmetal over the others, but all are quite nice, & not overbearing.

    The performance of all 3 is amazing! I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical trying TSD soaps, thinking I will need to be nice & not give all the details because it wasn't that good. Well, it is very good. It lathers easily, I face lather, so 15 - 20 seconds of loading my brush from the tub & I have a wonderful lather. Swirling around my face I added a couple of drops of water a few times & ended up with a splendid lather.

    Next, the shave. This soap gives a nice slickness to my face. A 3 out of 4 in slickness, so an extremely satisfactory shave, with good protection & residual slickness to boot!

    Now where this soap really surprised me is the post shave face feel. Wow!!! Outstanding!!! After my third pass, I lather my face once more, squeeze the remaining lather from the brush & apply to my face. I think this adds some moisturizing to my face. I leave it on while I clean my gear, a couple of minutes at most. Then I cold water rinse, apply alum, rinse, apply Thayer's witch hazel, then a few minutes later apply AS splash.

    An hour later & my face feels great, 6 hours later my face feels great. This soap shines in the post shave face feel department.

    I've enjoyed my experiences with TSD soap, I only wish I had tried it a few months ago so I could have ordered some more. Oh well, I will enjoy what I have. A couple of months ago I tried the TSD Bourbon & Vanilla AS, & my wife really likes it. So I stocked up with 10 bottles of that!

    Thank you Compnor for the generous pif, I am grateful to have won this wonderful soap!!!!
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    Glad you liked them. Hopefully you will take better care of them then I did.

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