Two Butterscotch Reknots Using Oumo SHD Two Band

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Timwcic, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Timwcic

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    It been a few years since my last brush reknot. My itch started when I read about the Oumo SHD knots, so the order went in. I got a 24 and 26 two band fan, and when I open the package I was not disappointed. Out if the box they felt soft, dense, nice backbone, small glue bump and no swell. I chose two butterscotch Maid Rite brushes, a #44 and a #53. I have always had my eye on the #44 for reknot. A apple juice and butterscotch Bakelite handle with a hefty 1.5 dia x 2” tall measurement. Breakdown was straight forward, razor to give a haircut and a forstner bit to open up the socket. A few dry fits to get the loft were I like it. I also like a heavy brush, so two quarters went under each knot for weight. The 26 is set for a loft of 48-49mm and the 24 is set at 46-47mm. Lather test next

    E32A8FD4-A94B-4F25-967B-35539BBC5D85.jpeg 2896F10E-6F2A-4F6F-8C5E-759C5E3C770A.jpeg A7614293-9EF4-4CEF-8FC5-B5235E7CA4F2.jpeg 14885D17-274F-4408-9459-BDA95AEABA64.jpeg 4E23EC75-9DBB-4D95-8CBD-F540AAB341FC.jpeg 69630349-EBCC-4903-B9FB-88660028F2CB.jpeg B3B55004-6545-4360-9C6D-3A50DE605C35.jpeg
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    Nice job, they look good.
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  3. Primotenore

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    Excellent work.
  4. cliffb599

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    Nicely done

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  5. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool sir ,nicely done..
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  6. Douglas Carey

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    Good job! Pretty brushes.
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  7. Timwcic

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    Thank you all for the nice comments
    Now that it is glued I combed it out and my first opinion is that the Oumo is a dense,quality constructed knot. It feels soft, decent backbone and the low scritch is at a comfortable level. Test lathered with Cella and they both ate it up. Knot loaded quickly and whipped the soap into a thick lather. Have not lost a hair yet and has no funky badger odor. On my palm, the tips are very soft with a stiff feedback, retaining enough soap for any shave. After rinsing clean, splayed nicely. So far, impressed, now to put into rotation

    45170E8B-76B5-4DF3-B89E-7A3A10D636CC.jpeg F3CB77C1-0E50-4A85-BE5C-0CBE489AB638.jpeg 72A3E2EC-01E9-4AEC-911F-556B5C34747C.jpeg
  8. Douglas Carey

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    Is this your first use of these knots? Did the knot loose backbone after it splayed out? Where did you get this knot? Thanks.
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  9. Timwcic

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    This is the first time using these SHD knots. Have not completed any reknot is a few years. All of my knots then have came from Gustavo of Artesania Romera. All the knots I have gotten from him have been first quality. Even with all the B.S. waiting for them to be delivered, they made for a great reknot. There was a little backbone loss after first test lather and splay, but not much. It still has a stiff feedback with the tips being soft. Being I face lather, so far it has all the backbone I look for and want. All I have done is testing so far, but this knot potentially can compete with any in the den. It came from the Oumo store at AliExpress. It made it from China, using the free slow shipping option, to Florida it ten days,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_60
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  10. Douglas Carey

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  11. Jesseix

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    Very sharp. I've been hearing about these knots, do you find them similar to any other ones you have?
  12. Timwcic

    Timwcic Well-Known Member

    I just noticed this post. The knot is the only high dense I have ever used. I mostly used knots from Gustavo of Artesania Romera. They are unique to themselves having stiff feedback but soft tips, not much scritch. I do set them deep because I like a scrubby brush. So for they can complete with any brush in the den
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