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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Jayaruh, Mar 15, 2017.

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    I stumbled across these two NEWs when I was looking for an Enders Speed Razor. I had to have them. They came in today. From the picture it looked like one LC and one SC. It turned out to be two LCs. The ball end handle also turned out to be split all the way.


    They were in pretty rough shape, but these razors tend to clean up pretty good, and I figured I could make a wooden handle to replace the split one. Has anyone had luck in repairing a total split like this?


    You can see that there is a blade in one of the razors. It turned out to be two blades in one razor. They are H3 (1962) Super Blue Blades.


    I soaked them in hot water and Dawn and cleaned them with a tooth brush.

    I then got out the Brasso and went to work on them. They have all their teeth, and they are straight, too. I am thinking of having at least the bar handle one nickel plated.


    And in the end, I now have an Enders Speed Razor box.

  2. wchnu

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    They cleaned up great! I have heard of someone using a wood dowel inside a handle to stabilize it. I do not remember the details.
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    Very nice!
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  4. Jim99

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    I have not repaired a split that big, but it should be the same technique as repairing a small split.

    If the tube is still "round" and the split ends meet up properly, then fill the inside of the tube with epoxy, insert the ends and clamp the tube tight with worm clamps. Let it dry, unclamp and shave!
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  5. RetLEO-07

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    Jim nice catch. Next time I clean my NEW, I'm gonna have to try Brasso.
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  6. Screwtape

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    There's an entire sticky thread on fixing these because split tubes happen on about 90% of Ball End razors. I think the sticky is on Badger and Blade in their shave wiki. Here on TSD, I know @Morman Bridge has been working a lot on these repairs -- I suggest you pick his brain.

    Really short version of the wiki:

    There are about 4 methods of fixing these depending on how anal retentive you are about "restoring to original condition" versus "making it work again". All methods have one step in common - slightly filing or sanding down the diameter of the ends so they slip into the tube easily before they are glued or soldered in place. This is because the entire problem arises from the manufacturing method: pressfitting slightly oversized ends into a brass tube. Over time, the constant inner tension from the oversized parts, exacerbated by expansion and contraction of the tube from continual temperature and humidity changes, causes the tube to fatigue and split. If you don't sand down the ends, you just set up the same problem again.

    Fixing the tube itself can be done in about 4 ways, listed here from purist's undetectable restoration to getting it shaving again:

    1. Clamp the tube and then silver solder it. Then solder in the filed-down ends. Then use a jeweler's file to clean up the knurling. Result is a new looking, completely metal razor. (Also a hell of a lot of work.)

    2. Get a piece of copper pipe just small enough to fit inside the tube and roughly 1/2" shorter to allow the ends to fit on. I think the right diameter is 5/16" but I wouldn't swear to that (might be 3/16?). After assuring fit of everything, slather the pipe with epoxy and slip inside to the right depth from each end, then clamp the handle so the crack is closed. The pipe provides a solid support for the epoxy to hold the handle rigidly closed while ensuring the handle clamps "round" with the split meeting properly. Then epoxy the ends in place.

    3. Same as 2 except using a section of a plastic stick pen. Apparently, those cheap Bics are the perfect size to fit in a razor handle. Result is same as 2 except the support inside the handle is plastic instead of copper. Other people do the same thing with a wood dowel.

    4. Skip the inner support and just drizzle the handle full of epoxy while clamping it shut and then cap both ends and leave it to dry. The handle will work. It will also be somewhat heavier than the other methods and probably not quite as durable a fix. And, of course, for purists, as with methods 2 and 3, you now have a razor with non-original epoxy on it destroying its immense collector value (shudder, gasp, oh the horror!, etc...)
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  7. Morman Bridge

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    Hi Screwtape, and everyone. Thanks for the notable mention Screwtape, I wasn't aware of this thread until I was mentioned.
    Ok, so in a nut shell, here's my experience-
    I have used 2 part epoxy on these handles to repair cracks/splits since I started repairing these old handles, for the last three or so years. I have recently discovered epoxy is not a permanent repair option. The seams come loose after exposure to hot water for a couple of years.
    A more permanent solution would be soldering the cracks, or joints with silver solder. Or better yet a brass amalgam.
    Unfortunately, I don't solder very well, but I have a friend who does. He does my repairs now.
    So that's my experience with these handles. Good luck, and have a great night.
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  8. Jayaruh

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    Thanks for the great suggestions on a handle fix, but I believe I have decided to make a wooden replacement for the cracked handle. Then maybe I will make a brush handle to complement the razor handle.
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  9. JBSharp

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    Jayaruh, looking forward to seeing that handle and its future brush-mate! This thread has collected some great info from knowledgeable minds (Screwtape and MormanBridge in particular) and may be a resource for someone else down the road. In that spirit, I wanted to add one more piece. I bookmarked this thread on Badger & Blade sometime ago; this repair uses marine epoxy with an aluminum tube for internal support, and includes some good photos:

    I have an Old Type that was my great-grandfather's, with a split at each end of the barrel. I'd like to get it good as new, but I'll probably have to settle on some compromise, since I'd like to do it myself. Thread with that razor here.
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    I thought you were sending it to me. :)
  11. Jayaruh

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    It was a beautiful day today. About 2:30 is was warm enough to get out and get creative again. I first crafted a handle for the NEW and then a handle for a matching brush. I think I am going to put the Omega Pro knot in it.


    IMG_3107.JPG IMG_3111.JPG IMG_3115.JPG IMG_3119.JPG
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  14. Jayaruh

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    Wood? It is what I do. I stained the handles with a dark walnut, and will be finishing them with polycrylic.
  15. Jayaruh

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    I put a dark walnut stain on the handles and finished with two coats of polycrylic. IMG_3132.JPG
    IMG_3132.JPG IMG_3133.JPG IMG_3134.JPG IMG_3135.JPG
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  17. preidy

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    I picked a ball handle NEW about a year ago also had a split. Repaired it with a metal splint and it turned into a real nice shaver with a little additional heft. Good luck.
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  18. Jayaruh

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    If the handle hadn't been split all the way, I was planning on a repair, but I didn't think I would do it justice; it having a full split.
  19. preidy

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    Agree it would be tough akin to brain surgery.
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  20. Jayaruh

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    I also like a little fatter handle, like the bar handle of fat handle tech. This one has a good feel to it.
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