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    I am open to straight offers for the two razors. Both razors are shave ready. Each has maybe 4 shaves since I had them honed for me. They both shave amazingly well. Like I had mentioned I wish I didn't have to sell them. I just need the money. There is nothing wrong with either razor.

    Price update

    Colombi 100 shipped conus

    ERN Primus 140 shipped conus

    You can make an offer on either razor if you think the prices are two high.

    Right now on the bay there is a Primus in barely usable condition for 175. This Primus I have is at a great price and I have lowered it 10 dollars. The Colombi I can't go any lower. I am telling you it's an amazingly beautiful razor and shaves so smoothly.

    have two straights for sell. Only selling them because I need money to pay bills. I haven't been able to find a job yet. The first is a colombi straight with coffin. Both still look brand new. I believe it's a 6/8 maybe 7/8. Looks the same width as my 6/8 razor. Original price was 130. Asking 105 shipped.

    The second razor is an ERN Primus. It's in good condition. Normal wear to the gold on the Tang. This one I really don't want to sell I absolutely love this razor, but as stated I need money. I wish I didn't have to sell the razor. I'm asking 160 shipped. I don't know if I'm allowed to ask so if I can't let me know and I'll erase it but the ERN if whoever buys it decides to sell it later I would love the chance to buy it back at the same price you pay. As soon as I get working I will be trying to find another Primus in this good of condition or better.

    I need to do conus only as I have never shipped anything overseas and do not know the process or price involved in shipping overseas. I can get more photos if needed. I will consider any reasonable offer if you think the prices are too high. Both razors are shave ready and shave amazingly well. I will soak the blades in rubbing alcohol before shipping them.

    20190816_224739_compress44.jpg 20190816_224751_compress45.jpg 20190816_224806_compress67.jpg 20190816_224816_compress15.jpg 20190816_224641_compress63.jpg 20190816_224655_compress25.jpg 20190816_224705_compress3.jpg 20190816_224716_compress42.jpg
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