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Discussion in 'Skincare' started by urrlord, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. urrlord

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    I had ran out of my Gold Bond type powder a few days ago.Yesterday I was in my drug store and took a look at the GB clone that was on the shelf.It was short a few ingredients so i passed on it.
    After that I went to the grocery store-Food Depot.As I went thru the dollar aisle I saw a GB clone labelled-Medicated,with Essential Oils hmmm.Picked it up and checked the label zinc oxide,boric acid,eucalyptol,menthol,thymol,neem leaves.Dammmn! This should be good stuff.As I examined the label in small print was "made in india".That explains the neem leaves.So I purchased it.IIRC 88 cents.

    Applied some this a.m. to the underarms and other areas- nice,soothing a little aromatic but nothing unpleasant.A few minutes after that the menthol cooling kicked in for a few minutes and then faded.Nice.
    I think this stuff will be my replacement for the regular GB type powders.

    after more examination of the label
    turns out it is distributed by Universal Distribution Center
    which explains the name of the product.
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    I was unfamiliar with neem. A little reading makes me wonder why this stuff isn't used more often. There are some possible side effects, but many positive reasons to include it in non prescription medical use.
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  3. urrlord

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    If there are some indo-pak grocery stores in your area you can find some other items with neem in them.Usually in the oil form.Soaps etc .Some versions have an odd psuedo garlicky smell.There is one soap that I cannot remember the name of that is white in appearance that has no odor.Most of the neem soaps are green or tan .Neem has a lot of antibacterial,antifungal uses including staph.The eucalyptol , thymol and boric acid in the powder all have antibacterial,germicidal or antiviral properties.So this stuff should be pretty potent powder.
    there are also some indian shave creams that show up once in a while.Vasmol is a pretty good one that has a the laundry detergent smell of the old Palmolive shave cream.
  4. Mr Two Bits

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    This is the best stuff I’ve ever used. Talc free and has a cooling effect on your.... uhhhh... ummm.... junk, which is what it’s designed for in the first place. If you live in a hot humid climate (like the Southeastern US) powder for your nether regions is an absolute must if you want to be a civilized human being....
  5. Sara-s

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    Need oil is a natural antifungal, which is why it’s good for feet. It’s also sometimes used in dandruff shampoos, for the same reason.

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