Uncle Albert's Amazing Shaving Advice Part 5

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    Everyone's favorite Uncle is back with more shaving advice you didn't know you needed! Take everything said here with a grain of salt, and remember, this is not your father's shaving advice.

    1. I'm taking my ball, and I'm going home!
    Please try to remember that this is a community of people who find enjoyment in the simple pleasures afforded by a good shave. It's okay to offer correction if somebody says something in blatant error, but try to do it gently. If someone corrects you, give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant it in good spirit and with no malicious intent. If after careful review, you two still can't reconcile your opinions, move on, or settle it the old fashioned way, with Schick disposables at 10 paces. At dawn. Seriously though, if someone's being an idiot, laugh it off, unless someone could get injured/maimed by following their advice.

    2. How do you get your leg hair to shine like that?
    Shaving your legs? Try using a dollop of conditioner as a shave gel. You'll be surprised how smooth it is, and you'll love how it softens. It comes in a variety of scents, mango is nice, but give lavender a try too, at only around $1 a bottle, it's hard to beat.

    3. Hang on a second...
    Those little screw-in hooks that they sell in the hardware department for hanging pots and pans from? They are just the right size to hold a razor when you screw them in sideways. Just slide the razor in around the curve, and let the head rest on the hook. Uncle Albert put 5 of them on the side of a cabinet next to his tub, that way, he can have 4 razors-in-waiting at any given moment (TWGW is using one of the hooks).

    4. Don't be a drip.
    If your brush stand is tall enough, put your lather bowl under the brush for storage. That way, if the brush does drip a little, it'll get caught in the bowl, and not leave puddles on your counter or in your cabinet.

    5. This is probably a no-brainer, but...
    Don't shave while drunk.

    6. Mirrors, we don't need no steenkin' mirrors!
    Head shaving is largely a "by touch" operation. While a mirror can be handy for shaving the front parts of your scalp, you will need to realy heavily on your sense of feel when shaving the back of your head. Some may suggest complicated mirror setups, but really, that just adds a confusing visual element to an already semi-precarious situation.

    7. Some like 'em long and thin, others prefer short and fat.
    DE razors come in a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to handles. Some people like to use petite "travel" razors while others go for the longest handle they can find. Some folks like the comfort of a fat handle, while others still prefer the control of a skinny handle. Short handled razors really serve to get you in right where the action is, which is why so many suggest using them for head-shaving. Long handled razors give you more of a sense of leverage when shaving; where short razors put the control largely in your hand and wrist, the long handled razor moves that control out into your fingertips. Fat handled razors are comfortable in the hand and if you tend to be a slow shaver or have fatigue in your grip, you might want to consider one. Skinny razors can really zip around and tend to be easy to change angles with; a subtle roll of the fingers will cause a large rotation in the head of the razor. If you've been using one type of razor for a long time and switch to another size/shape, it might take a few shaves before you get the hang of the subtle changes in handling.

    8. Ribbed for your pleasure.
    While we're on the subject of razor handles, here's a thought on the texture of the handles. Some razors are relatively smooth, while others have ridges, grids, or other patterns around the handle. When you're shaving, there's lots of foamy soap, and slippery water about. The textured handles offer a little more security by giving you extra grip, but some folks really like the look of the smoother handles. If you have arthritis, you might want to consider one with a "grippier" surface.

    9. Watch where you stick that thing!
    When cleaning razors, some advocate the process of placing the razor in boiling water. Some plastic handled razors, such as the Schick Krona don't always respond well to the extreme temperatures, and could buckle or melt under the pressure.

    10. Come toward the light.
    The lighting in the room you shave in can have a major effect on your shave. If the lights are "warm" or have slight reddish tint, then your skin is going to also look warmer, and thus the dark hairs of your whiskers will be less obvious. A "cool" light, or bluish or greenish tinted light, will make dark whiskers more obvious. You might be tempted to add "just one more pass" but that's all it takes to cause some major irritation. When in doubt, step into another room after the second pass and look in that mirror, chances are, you look fine.

    So there it is, Uncle Albert's Amazing Shaving Advice. Enjoy your shave!
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    Here, here! Uncle Albert has spoken... :happy096
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    WONDERFUL once again!
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    Thanks uncle! When I grow up I want to be just like you!
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    Thanks Uncle Albert! You made many good points there.
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    Who says serious advice can't be given with humor?! :D Great help, as always, Uncle Albert.
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    Been considering this myself, glad I'm not the only one!
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    Of course if you access to a laboratory, you could get hooked up with one of those test tube racks... :D :happy088

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