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    For sale. Please let me know if you have questions about any of the items. A PM stating you will buy an item secures it. Postage is actual from 75693, which can be calculated using USPS.com. It is typically $5.40 for 1st class, under 13oz. If you prefer expedited shipping, that can be worked out as well. Prices do not include shipping, but I'll ship anywhere.

    Paypal is preferred.

    Update 27 June 2019

    Let me know if you are interested in something particular. I will be as creative as I can. My trade interests are primarily for a Silver Floral Handle or Silver Empire Handle.


    1. 1911-14(four rivet) ABC 500 w/o liner and broken latch ($15)

    2. 1926 to 1936(rivetless, continous hinge) Gillette 500B no liner, latch works as it should ($15) Sold

    3. 1910 to 1911(four rivet with Fancy Top rivets) ABC 503B with with broken latch, no liner ($20)

    4. 1911-14 Gillette or Canadian 504B w/o liner and broken latch ($20)

    5. 1911-14(four rivet) ABC 501 velvet has seen better days and missing patch ($25)

    6. Bostonian Case, Silver, missing top piece of silk, plate loss, project-piece ($20)

    7. Tuckaway Case, Silver, fabric most likely needs replacing, project-piece ($15)

    8. Ranger Tech Case, missing base wrappings & interior ($3)

    Straights and DE's

    9. Shumate Special straight empty razor case ($5)
    10. Bowdins Wedge straight razor ($5) Sold Pending Funds
    11. Goldedge Dubl Duck straight razor, blade chipped but scales excellent ($20)
    12. unknown straight razor ($5) Sold Pending Funds
    13. cased French-made Bakelite razor ($15)

    14. unknown lightweight aluminum tech-type razor ($7)

    15. small four piece Travel Razor ($5)

    16. Cased AutoStrop(B1) set with blade bank, missing strop and button ($15)

    17. Cased AutoStrop(B2) in a Valet case with blade bank, missing strop ($15) SOLD

    18. Valet V1 ($12 or if you want all 3 Valet razors, $24)

    19. Valet V2 ($12 ea. or both for $16)

    20. Valet V2 ($12 ea. or both for $16)

    Brushes and ABC Razors

    21. Taylor of Old Bond Street BR513 boar shaving brush, test lathered only ($15) Sold
    22. Vulfix The Hyde Park shaving brush 514B, test lathered only ($20) Sold

    21a. used shaving brushes (take your pick with purchase of an item)​

    21b. used shaving brushes (take your pick with purchase of an item)​

    23. 1910 ABC Tapered Shell from the U.K. razor (B393551) dimpled cap ($37)
    EDIT: I would be willing to trade this handle for a Silver Floral Handle or Silver Empire Handle in like condition.

    24. Canadian ABC 500 solid thin smooth ball end razor (061671) ($50) Sold

    Kronas and SE's

    25. Eversharp Krona "eagle tip" handle, excellent ($18)
    26. Schick Krona black handle, VG+ ($16)

    27. GEM Bullet tip, user grade ($8)

    28. GEM Junior, nickel, G-VG ($12)

    29. Boxed GEM Junior gold tone, I can't tell if it's just been handled a ton or actually used, G++ ($15)

    30. GEM Featherweight Deluxe, G-VG ($12)

    31. Grey GEM Featherweight with blade dispenser VG++ ($12) Sold Pending Funds
    32. gold tone GEM Pushbutton ($13) Sold

    33. nickel or chrome GEM G-Bar ($16)

    34. Ever-Ready Shovelhead ($15) Sold
    35. Ever-Ready 1912 ($12)
    36. Ever-Ready 1914, Type 1 ($12)

    Techs, NEW LC's, 102a's & Goodwills

    37. Blackened WWII Pre-war Tech with plastic handle ($16)
    38. Pre-war Gold Tech with black plastic handle ($16)
    39. Pre-war Blackened Contract Tech razor ($16) Sold
    40. Post-war Gold Ball-end Tech ($14) Sold
    41. Post-war S-Plate Tech with Blackened Cap and plastic handle ($16)

    42. 1967(M1) Gillette embossed cap Tech with black plastic handle ($16)

    43. Gold-tone 102A ball end ($15)

    44. brassed 102A ball end ($12)

    45. Goodwill 160, with plate loss ($25) Sold
    46. Goodwill 175, with plate loss ($30) Sold

    47. early NEW Long Comb, brass ($15)

    48. early NEW Long Comb, some plate loss ($18)

    49. late NEW Long Comb with common bar handle ($18) Sold


    50. 1940 Milord, no notch, no date code, and no text in the tray. Slight hitch in the twist ($35)
    51. 1953 (Y4) 40's Superspeed, Cased w/blade bank ($29) Sold
    52. 1954 (Z2) 50's Superspeed ($17)
    53. 1955 Red Tip lot consisting of an A2 razor that needs work and 1 1955 red tip lot consisting of an A4 that works great but has paint loss ($22)
    54. 1956 (B2) Red Tip that needs cleaning, has some plate and paint loss, functions as it should ($18)
    55. 1958 (D2) 50's Superspeed ($22)
    56. 1963 (I2) 60's Flare Tip Superspeed ($25)
    57. 1966 (L1) 60's Flare Tip Superspeed in a Vacation Pak ($40)* (we will need to discuss shipping challenges.) Sold

    58. 1961 (G1) Fat Boy, missing one end cap ($25)

    Misc Stuff

    59. Nickel 102A head assemblies ($5 ea.)

    60. Nickel 102A head assemblies ($5 ea.)

    61. silver plated comb holder ($3)

    62. English Leather On-The-Go boxed set, only the little soap remains along with remnants in the containers ($8)

    63. Quadruple silver-plated shaving mug ($15) SPF
    64. 4 Handles, 1 102a brass comb, 1 Silver-tone open comb no maker markings, & 1 Gillette 102a Cap ($5) Sold

    ToOBS Creams.jpg

    65. Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street, 222g gross weight, unused. ($15) SPF
    66. Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr Taylor's, 161g gross weight, used. This was scooped with a spoon.($10) SPF
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