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    Used Soaps for Trade. Please PM for individual pics as well as weights. Would like to ship as many as possible in single trades. Mainly looking for Bandwagon & Darkfall EDT, Cryogen splash, Snake Bite splash and Bon Vivant EDT. Open to discuss other splashes but I don’t really need much at this time.

    Declaration Grooming Soaps:

    Unconditional Surrender, L&L Flag Label

    Bon Vivant & TSM Fougere, L&L Bison Labels

    Gratiot League Square & Fourth and Pine, Declaration Bison Labels

    B&M Soaps:

    Beaudelaire, Black Label (pretty sure this is Glissant)

    Spice & Fern, Reserve Base - Fern has been traded.

    CFG Soaps:

    Resolute, Dior Farenheit dupe in Stubble Buster Base

    Ghost Town Barber, Standard CFG Base


    Lemon & Lime Shaving Cream, Taylor of Old Bond Street

    Haute Leather, Lisa’s Natural Herbal Creations

    Blue Spruce, Eleven - TRADED

    Claddagh, Creed Silver Mountain Water dupe in Eisteacht Base by Murphy & McNeil - Traded
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