Valet autostrop VC or VB

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Jedifelix17, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Jedifelix17

    Jedifelix17 New Member

    Hi, can anyone please enlighten me as to the difference between VC and VB models?

    I have recently acquired this razor, it has a 1914 patent, made in Canada. It would seem to me that the blade holder has been put in upside down!
    Is it a VC1 or a VB1?

    1E41F211-273D-4686-A870-C4F713B6EBBB.jpeg 389DB6DA-6D6D-44C8-AEF9-5EBE2FAC34B4.jpeg
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  2. Jedifelix17

    Jedifelix17 New Member

    I think I may have managed to answer my own question, is it the rollers?
    If I correct then what I have here are a VB1, VB2 and a VC3
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  3. TobyC

    TobyC Well-Known Member

    I know that the first razor is aVB1, and I know that if it didn't have the roller on the back it would be a VC1, but I can't comment on the 2's and 3's.

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