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    You must have a "supporting vendor" tag to post anything to do with your business/products/website anywhere on The Shave Den, including profiles.

    .If you wish to be a Vendor, and advertise your business at TSD, there are now two options available that would allow you to do so.

    How to become an approved vendor at The Shave Den;
    1. FREE - maintain active participation in our community with quality posts.
    - Active Participation
    interacting with TSD's members in a conversational format.
    +1s, smilies only, and SoS posts are acceptable for vendors to make,
    but do not constitute Quality Posts*.​
    - 50 Quality Posts* required before requesting approval.
    *Quality posts are defined as those that don't "inadvertently" mention your products in other threads to skirt around these rules, and do not simply "pad" your post count.
    To request approval through the FREE method, please send a PM to me (link).​
    2. Monetary Payment - if active participation is not manageable, payments are accepted.
    To obtain approval through the Monetary Payment method, please visit the Account Upgrades page (link is in your username drop down menu)​

    With either method (free or monetary payment) any vendor posts and links remain only during the period of vendor approval.
    -If you pay for vendor status for one month, your posts and links will only remain for one month.
    -If you do not maintain activity under free vendor status, your posts and links will be removed.

    All other Vendor Corner Rules apply and will be enforced in either situation.

    Vendor Rules
    1. Vendors are required to have their own websites, and conduct business and sales through that website only.

    2. One thread per month per vendor.
    You may add to your existing thread as needed.​

    3. Promotion and advertising of your store and/or products is allowed in this forum section only.
    Discussions outside of the Vendors Corner of products you sell is not allowed, unless in direct response to a forum member's question.

    4. Posts must be pertinent product additions/re-stocks/discontinuations, or sales/specials.
    No "thread bumping" (making pointless posts just to bring your thread to the top).
    Please keep the blog and contest posts to your blog/Twitter/Facebook accounts.​

    5. No arguing with user feedback from your customers/our members.
    You are allowed to correct factual errors about your own products (examples are ingredients, creation information, and other product info).
    This also includes feedback concerning pricing, product features, etc.
    Please settle customer service issues in a PM.
    6. A simple link to your store in your signature is allowed. No product lists. No tagline, mottos, salespitches, etc.

    These rules are here to prevent the exploitation of the forum and our users. If you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly by a customer or someone has posted something to deliberately hurt your business, please take it to a mod and WE will handle it. Please do not get into disputes with customers in the threads. It makes us all look bad. Thanks!!
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