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    I found this shavette at a kiosk in Gerrard Square Mall in Toronto. It's a good, solid steel tool that gave a nice shave with half a Personna blade. The finish is matte black. There is a polished stainless version of this also. The price was $14 cdn. The manufacturer is a company called Victormedic.

    Has anyone here ever seen or heard of these things?

    PS couldn't get the pics to upload - will try again later

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    I googled the name. Currently they produce medical products. Is this a vintage piece? Being stainless steel it can be sterilized in an autoclave. Advantage to the shavette style with the ability to change blades.

    I've used a couple different brands of shavette. Curious to see what you found!
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    Here are the pics of the Victomedic shavette.

    In answer to your question; no this is a new piece and one of a considerable stock the kiosk owner had. I`ve used it three more times since I bought it and continue to be pleased with its performance.

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    Nice wide head, like a 8/8 straight razor. Can you load a full DE blade, or does it require half blades?

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    Never thought of loading a full blade in it - I'll try that tonight and let you know.


    PS I went looking around on Amazon and found this razor marketed by The Gentlemanz Club
    in a package with, I think, 20 Lord half blades and a case for $23.99 CDN
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  6. goshawk

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    No the shavette wont hold a full DE blade


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