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    I was comparing a couple of old barber handle brushes this week, I noticed the old Rubberset knots perform differently, whether NOS or well broken-in.

    First, I have (2) Rubberset 200-2(23/57.25) with knots in roughly the same condition. These are extremely dense, with firm backbone.
    Rubberset 200-2.jpg

    Certifyd 2 w/Hollow handle (Made in USA) with a 23/58 knot.
    Certifyd 2-Hollow handle.jpg

    Certifyd 2 w/Solid handle (Made in USA) with a 23/58 knot
    Certifyd 2-Solid handle.jpg

    Hess Master De Luxe 4 (Made in Germany) with a 23/62 knot
    Hess Master DeLuxe 4.jpg

    Dubl Duck 3 (Made in USA) with a 25/64 knot(2 1/2in)
    Dubl Duck 3-USA.jpg

    Dubl Duck 3 Vulcanized (Made in West Germany) with a 23/66 knot
    Rubberset 49-3 without a knot, but 25mm ferrule opening. Should be 63.5mm loft
    Dubl Duck 4 Set In Rubber (Made in USA) with a 26/69.86
    Rubberset 49-4 with a 28/63.5 well-used knot
    Rubberset 400 with a 25/63.25 slightly used knot

    The Rubberset Barber handles are all more dense than the Certifyd, Hess, and Dubl Duck. Many of the hollow, thin handled brushes like the above referenced DD, Hess, and Hollow-handled Certifyd 2 are made like a few Century brushes I've had and my C-Mon.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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