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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Rob206, May 13, 2019.

  1. Rob206

    Rob206 Well-Known Member

    I've been bookmarking razors on etsy. I think so far I'm really interested in collecting SE: Gem,kampfe/Star, Ever Ready.
    Whatcha got that you're looking to sell?
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  2. Jorvaljr

    Jorvaljr Operation Daytona 8000

    I’ll pm you what razors I have.
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  3. dmshaver

    dmshaver Well-Known Member

    And while you're looking at Pre-war Gillette, don't leave out British made Gillettes.
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  4. Jrdelgado

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    This man is wise!
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  5. RyX

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    B and B does have lots of information. If you're still a member there search em up! If you've been banned like many TSD members, it's possible to purge a cookie and still search the site without being a member. As to reposting information, this is the internet. Every post is a repost of a repost? Once you've read the dictionary every book is the same words in a different order.
    The Stahly cap and base do give a smooth shave. If you happen to buy a working 3000VPM handle they're interesting, but a bit silly. Takes three to six rewinds to get in a three pass shave with a handle big as a 2 - C cell battery flashlight. Back when Gillette was selling their DE razors for a couple bucks, Stahly was asking $50. Now Gillettes can set you back retail $20-$hundreds. Stahly's still sell for around $50.
    Yes, please. :cool:
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  6. PLANofMAN

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    Article Team
    If you really want to dive in, the krumholtz book is the best resource for finding razor names and companies.

    Some of my personal favorites, the aforementioned shake sharp and cooper monobilt razors. Also the british made 1936 open comb aristocrat, the #58, and the flat bottomed gillette aristocrat jrs. The american open comb aristocrat, sheraton and senator.

    There's a dozen more i could mention, but those are the gems of my collection that shave extremely well.
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