Vintage Tabac - What Year?

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  1. Michael_W

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    I scored some vintage Tabac gear on the auction site. Here are images. The shampoo arrived today. I'm curious as to year of production or sale as the labels say Made in West Germany (so prior to reunification). s-l501.jpg s-l500.jpg
    I checked and all products appear to have been unused. The scent is definitely vintage Tabac.
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  2. Paul Turner

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    I'm going to guess 1959, as I seem to remember that is the year on general Tabac stuff. I used to kid @wristwatchb by saying that 2 things happened in 1959-the birth of Tabac and that of my sister. Course we forget that Hawaii and Alaska became states in that year, so that brings it to 4.
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  3. Michael_W

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    I might have considered that if not for the shampoo having been imported for sale in the U.S. by The Contemporary Fragrance Group, Jacqueline Cochran, Inc. out of New York. The condition of the packaging suggests late 1970s or early to mid 1980s. But there is no year listed, so I cannot be certain. Is there a way to look it up using the Lot numbers?
  4. Michael_W

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    Here's some more info on the shampoo, which you may find interesting.

    So the shampoo, at least, was definitely sold in the U.S. after 1977.
  5. Trigger

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    Lou Costello and George Reeves (Superman) died that year.
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