W&B fbu Ebony & Ivory

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    Awwwww Broken scales on a W&B fbu :(

    Senegal Ebony and Faux Ivory Yes I was humming the stupid song :)

    I used a Satin Espresso poly finish that I did a 1:1 wash coat then a 2:1 both sanded in at 320 grit and a Final full strength coat
    Brass Pins with SS Domed Lock Washers solid Brass Internal Bearing Washers

    Light polishing on the steel while it was outta the scales


    This picture tells us something important, do you know what




    Having Fun
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    Fantastic work.

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    Great job, though the last pic makes me want to go to the store for Oreos and milk. :)

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    Well done.
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