Wanna Buy a Toothbrush

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    This is a long joke..... just to warn ya.. Enjoy!

    There was this man who was considered a bum. He lived on the streets and had no job. He decided that he was going to turn his life around, so he went job hunting...

    He came accross this factory that made toothbrushes. Inside the office there was a sign that stated " Salesman WANTED!" He thought to himself,"I could sell some toothbrushes, let give it a try!" He got the job and he started to sell.

    The first week went by and the manager wanted to know how his sales man were doing. The first salesman was the star salesman He said:" I sold 1000 toothbrushes this week!" The second sales man was always the runner up, ?He said" I sold 850!" Then the manager turned to the bum..."I sold 3."

    The manager was a little disappointed in his newest salesman. He decided that it has only been 1 week he would give him 3 weeks to prove himself.

    The next week goes by. The first sales man said "I sold 1200 this week!" The second said "I sold 950!" Then the bum said, "You are going to be very happy because I sold more this week than last! I sold 10 toothbrushes!"

    The manager was still very disappointed by the new salesmans performance, and told him that if he didn't step up his game in the third week that he would be fired.

    The third week passes, and it came time to report to the manager. The first man said,"I sold 1250 this week!" The second said, "I finally beat him! I sold 1300!" The room got very quiet as the first two salesmen looked at the Bum... "Sir, I think you are going to be very pleased with me this week! I sold 1500 toothbrushes this week!"

    Astonished the manager said, "How on earth were you able to sell that many?"

    The bum replies

    I went to the airport and set up a table. On the table I put a big bowl of chips on it. Next to the chips I put another big bowl and labeled it "Dip."

    As passangers would walk by they would stop at my table , take a chip and swirl it in the dip, take a bite and say.... Man that tastes like SHIT!!!"

    Then I would say, "It is... Wanna buy a toothbrush?"
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    I got that joke from one of my college teachers.... One of the best I have ever heard!

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