Weber Stainless Steel Razor - My Thoughts

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by poppi, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. poppi

    poppi Well-Known Member

    I have used this razor for the past 15 or so shaves & feel a few comments are in order. I used 5 different blades for 3 shaves each and 7 different soaps/creams to see how the shave would be affected.

    This razor presently costs $55.00 and at this price it is a steal. It would still be a bargain at $100.00.

    It is all stainless steel with the cap/base coated in what the makers call "diamond like carbon". The finish on the cap/base is smooth and well done. The handle has great knurling that makes for a sure grip even when wet. But it does look a bit industrial, lacking the more polished finish many of us like.

    Being a 3 piece razor, changing the blade is a little more difficult than a TTO but nothing to worry about.

    How aggressive is it you ask? On a scale of 1-10, I'd say it's an 8.5 or so. But you would never know it. It is also very smooth and comfortable. Must be that diamond like carbon coating on the cap/base. Regardless how the makers have done it, the razor shaves fantasticly well. I do a 2 pass with touchup shave and have been getting DFS++/BBS with no irritation at all. The razor just seems to glide across my face.

    So, do I like this razor? You bet! It is a well built, easy to use, quality piece of equipment that will serve you well. It could be the solution to RAD. It's that good.
  2. CyanideMetal

    CyanideMetal Wild and crazy guy

    I agree on all counts. Deceptively aggressive and smooth.

    Glad you like it.
  3. fatkid

    fatkid Well-Known Member

    I hate to do this but........
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  4. Johnny

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  5. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    I'd like to see the whole thing done with that diamond coat.
  6. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    Is that the same stuff that Tforc was coating the razors he was doing in? That bake-on gun coating stuff?
  7. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    No. Diamond coating is even slicker and more durable. That is carbon particles bound so tightly under pressure that it forms a diamond coating (synthetic diamond).
    TForc is using a Molybdenum impregnated resin designed for gun costing. It is very slick and durable but not as much as pressurized carbon.
    However, what you are getting from TForc more than gets the job done.
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  8. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, I see :D
  9. scott wein

    scott wein Well-Known Member

    Well described. As a mechanical watch collector I come across this in the current generation of watches and some weapons. It's biggest concern in those two applications is scratching through the DLC with a harder material, probably not an issue with shaving, unless u r Iron Man. These are nice pieces.

  10. Sunflake

    Sunflake Well-Known Member

    Sent a email to Weber and Ed replied and said they are working on the DLC coating on the handles.
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  11. Mark1966

    Mark1966 Well-Known Member

    While I can appreciate the functionality of stainless steel in these and the Feather all-stainless I confess that I prefer the beautiful looks of the rhodium plated British Aristocrat TTOs. While all stainless may last longer for 70 - 80 odd years old the British 'crats look fine to me!

    The thicker handle on the Aristocrats (and the US President and Diplomats) I prefer as well.

    [Disclaimer: the above views are made without every having actually used either of the all stainless ones!]

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