Wednesday 6:18 pm, I answered the phone.........

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    A lady (nurse I assume) explained she had been trying to get hold of my daughter for hours. The point she made was that my grandson blood lead level was extremely high. Like 15 times higher than the allowable high.
    She said she was glad I answered the phone because her next option was to call the sheriffs office and send someone out to tell her.
    She said to get the little man (2 year old) to children's hospital emergency room immediately.
    My grandson has had a little difficulty walking, not sure what is going on. But apparently they checked for lead poisoning. I ran over to her house and told her the all of this. They got him and his baby sister ready and left in a hurry. She took the baby so they could test her too for safety sake as the person on the phone had instructed.
    Now its a 75 mile drive to children's.
    Now with a 1 year old, a 2 year old in the emergency room and only one person is alowed in the room with the kids. He had to sit in the car.
    COVID rules
    They got there around 8:30-9:00.
    I have the 8 year old with me.
    Around midnight.....
    She calls me and explains, the Ronald McDonald house won't let him stay because the baby isn't allowed unless she is a patient. He could stay in the ER, but not the baby. They drew blood and it won't be till the next day to find out the results. Meanwhile the 2 year old is getting stuck, prodded and unsuccessfully force fed the medicine he needed to fix the high lead poisoning.
    Uh... nightmare!
    Anyway they need a room for the night and have no money for that.
    The hospital supplied a list of places at a discounted rate. I needed to fill out a form, and give them a photo of my credit card.
    After getting the form e-mailed to me, editing it, sending it back along with a picture of the CC, they had a room for the night.
    It's 1am.
    I switched out some clothes I was washing for the 8 year old I layed down at 1:30ish.
    I get a call from my daughter that a doctor said the kids weren't going home with her because of it and she was in tears.
    Yes Huston, we have a problem.
    I settled her down and we made plans to remedy the situation.
    Getting some rest.
    Getting ready for work and the 8 year old up at 7:30 to go to daycare.
    At work to start the day.
    10am ish.
    They told my daughter that the kids weren't leaving with them unless she could prove she had another place to live.
    They decided that they were gonna put a feeding tube into the 2 year old to give him the medicine.
    It would take 4 to 5 days to finish the medicine.
    She had her hands full and was able to convince them she could live at another place till the health department inspected the home.
    They were gonna wait till the other lead test came in at about 2pm to insert the feeding tube.
    Oh yea, they did another test there, a better more accurate one, so they said.

    2:15 pm.

    The test came back.

    No lead traces were found in either child.

    You can all go home now.

    They were dismissed, got in the car, and went home.

    True story.

    I already ordered a 30 sample lead test kit to go through the house myself.
    It should be here tomorrow.

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  2. Primotenore

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    Article Team
    What an ordeal, Terry. I hope you find absolutely nothing.
  3. Terry

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    I got a 30 test lead kit real cheap for the price of shipping. I see no reason to use it.
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  4. wristwatchb

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    Thankful everyone is OK, Terry.

    I would also do some testing (or have it done) around the house to make sure there is no problem.
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  5. brit

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    glad everyone is ok Terry..
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  6. Paul Turner

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    I'm glad things turned out allright. It must have been tough going to work before knowing the test results.
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  7. Keithmax

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    What a stressful and exhausting situation. Glad that it was ok in the end.
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  8. Sara-s

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    I’m sorry you & your family went through that! Are the kids feeling OK now?
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    I'm glad all are well and sorry for what y'all went through. Gotta wonder where these test results came from and how could it have been so wrong
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    That is an ordeal for sure. I'm glad the kids are fine. Nerve racking is too nice of a term for what you all went through.
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    Sending prayers your way
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    Thanks everyone for sympathy and prayers.
    I took the boy to daycare this morning. He was a little wimpy but did better after a midday nap.
    Not sure about the local test but man o man. The baby is no worse for wear, she's fine.
    My daughter is still shook, needs another good nights sleep.
    Gonna test thing like carpet and toys anyway just yo be sure.
    I just put it out there for those who might get into such a mess. Might learn something from my daughter's and her son's experience.
    I found his favorite shoes ....

    He grew out of a pair and it was rough on him. He was very happy when I brought them to him tonight.

    Take care and just think about it next time a test comes through way outa wack. The max was 5, lethal is 45, it came back at 70.
    I had my issues, but took no chances.
    Good luck!
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  13. brit

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    always better safe than sorry..:).thank you Terry..
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