Weidi Baili WR-T3 Stepless Adjustable

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    I did not see.
    Weidi's adjustable DE has been on the market for a couple of years.

    Baili WR-T3 Stepless Adjustable
    Full size https://imgur.com/9oLw97y

    I haven't found much online.
    This gentle giant has few but excellent reviews.
    All agree on the sweetness and ease.
    Even when set to maximum aperture.
    It is compared to Gillette Adjustable Slim / Black Beauty.

    The lack of pre-organized positions allows a micrometric adjustment.
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    Was the why the old Gibbs styled Personna was called the Micrometric?
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    I went on an adjustable binge recently and picked up one of these. Mine is called a Weidi. The size, feel, and balance are good. No defects or irregularities. Looks not really my taste but it's ok and the grip is a little slippery. It is very mild even on the highest setting. When I first began the shave I was worried if it would shave the hair (I begin with the back of my neck so I couldn't see at first). It did infact shave the hair and was very smooth. Zero irritation. Possibly not the closest shave but very uniform. I don't go against the grain with double edge razors. For the price ($16 shipped) I wasn't expecting much. Very pleased with the purchase.
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