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    I'll risk it. ;)

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    As I lost weight last year, I dug through my closet for old clothes. I had two pairs of nearly new Levis (nothing fancy, just regular boot cut) from the days when they were probably USA made. The denim was heavy and had a nice, smooth finish. They had 6 belt loops, and they were super comfortable. So when I needed even smaller jeans, I checked out the new Levis. The denin was lighter weight, the finish was not as smooth, they only had 5 belt loops, and they were not USA made, of course. I got lost in all the different style numbers. Just gimme some regular big boy jeans. I moved on to something different and seemingly better quality. Sad to say there are no more Levis in my house.
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    That's just what they want you to think. Really they are the next trendy thing - wearing uncool styles. They're cool! Until they aren't again. But the duration of coolness keeps getting shorter. It's like the nostalgia timer keeps running out quicker than we can make new history to repeat. If only there was a way to see all the cool things at once and order them before midnight tomorrow...
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