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  1. Well, since this is the year anniversary of me wetshaving, I decided to go to the antique stores around town and look for shaving stuff. I found a O1 model Gillette SS for $4. Gonna clean it up and give it a whirl tomorrow. Can someone tell me what year the "O" is?

    While I was at the store the proprietor was telling me that he uses a Schick Injector and that he can't get a good shave with anything but. He said he could'nt find any around and that the Bakelite on his has worn off to where he is holding onto the metal, that the Bakelite covered, to shave.

    On the way home I thought it would be neat to find one and give it the guy. I guess e-bay and other antique store would be the best place to look. Any directions on where to get the blades?
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    Your SS is a 1st quarter 1969. As for the injector, he probably had either a type E which was made prior to 1945 by Schick or a type G which was made by Eversharp/Schick after 1945. The type E had the bakelite handle and the type G had a plastic handle which looked a lot like the bakelite version. Blade can be found at many drugstores locally or at many blade suppliers online.
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    PM sent

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