What are some of your hobbies?

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by fzrider, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Started collecting pocket knives a few months back.
    Also trying my hand at whittling.
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  2. Brian_Powers

    Brian_Powers Well-Known Member

    Reading. That is my favorite "me-time" activity. I'm an English Major so I can literally sit down and read all day, every day. After that, I am a vinyl collector. Those are really my only hobbies.
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  3. jamespasini69

    jamespasini69 Well-Known Member

    Just made a brush and razor stand to match my handle. Now just waiting on knot to arrive.
  4. hippiebrian

    hippiebrian Well-Known Member

    I'm a big motorcycle nut, I love them all from mopeds to Goldwings! Currently own a 2013 Triumph Bonneville all old manned out with a big butt seat, small screen and 1"risers, a 2009 KLR for when I feel like riding fire roads and a little Kymco People 200. Don't laugh, I love scooters, and if you haven't ridden one, put your ego aside, you'll have a blast! I can't ride that thing without a stupid grin on my face!

    I collect (or some say horde) Zippos, read a lot, enjoy U.S. history, I somke a pipe and bicycle occasionally.

    Oh yes, I love excercise! I could sit and watch people do it all day!
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  5. ironthinker

    ironthinker Well-Known Member

    DE shaving is a few years old in my case. My latest hobby is quality leather men's dress shoes. I have an A width so was forced to buy Allen Edmonds and found the high price was worth it considering the easy break-in and the longevity. Then last year I found on Ebay I could buy "new old stock" or seldom warn shoes, that I am guessing come from estate sales. The thing I miss most on this hobby is the lack of active forums on shoes, as we find in our wet shaving hobby.

    Here is an example of one of my buys. Vintage 1980 Hanover Shell Cordovan plan toes that are like new. I paid $250 and the current version would be $600 or more. It feels good to get that kind of deal on a pair of shoes you only dreamed about in the past.

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  6. jamespasini69

    jamespasini69 Well-Known Member

    One of my projects
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  7. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    Shoes are funny when it comes to sizes...I'm normally a size 11 but depending on the make or model that can change to 10 to 11.5. I stopped buying shoes online after an almost 100% return/frustration rate until I tried Steve Madden shoes. Sure they are not super fancy or anything BUT there are heaps of models and it seems like whatever model I pick the size is always consistent. I think I got four pairs now and they are super comfortable.

    Something as simple as having a consistent fit across models have now made me a very loyal customer.

    For dress-shoes I still favor J&M and man those shoes last a decade
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  8. Str8Guy

    Str8Guy Well-Known Member

    Like anything.................things that break the bank! Back into astronomy again after a 5 year hiatus! Our new Celestron NexStar WiFi Evolution 9.25" SCT telescope! Oh the heavens will open up once I get clear skies!

  9. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    At least you can really get a good look at any fireworks tonight :)
  10. Medicdad417

    Medicdad417 Well-Known Member

    Woodworking, scuba diving, and ham radio (KD0ICB just a few of mine. Although haven't played much in either area for a bit, would love to get my shop set back up and put up an antenna farm in my yard, all in do time...all in do time.
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  11. Fred Hill

    Fred Hill Well-Known Member

    I collect: Tobacco Pipes; Beer mugs; Cigarette Lighters; Bottle Openers; Safety Razors; Guns, & Coffee Mugs...for now... I quit collecting women 35 years ago! I turned them all in, (the women) for the "RIGHT ONE!":happy036:
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  12. jeraldgordon

    jeraldgordon TSD's Mascot

    My hobbies are situational. Right now I'm enjoying tempting No Buy July participants to consider all they are missing...!
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  13. Fred Hill

    Fred Hill Well-Known Member

    Nice Kicks, for "Stylin," Man!:happy088:
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  14. Fred Hill

    Fred Hill Well-Known Member

    I got about 50-60 Pipes! GREAT Pipes, too! And, I smoke-em in Winter!
  15. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    I used to collect lighters, or started to. I've got a box of them. pm me if your interested in acquiring them.
  16. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    I'm a soap maker, and crafter of many Bath & Body yummies.
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  17. Fred Hill

    Fred Hill Well-Known Member

    I might be interested?
  18. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    I reknoted two vintage handles and then decided to try my hand at making handles from wood. I am up to #12 now.
    I like building things from wood.
    I like fixing broken things.
    I used to dabble in calligraphy. I do still from time to time.
    I play the tuba.
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  19. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me

    No idea if I've answered here or not...

    My hobbies are reading, gaming (console...and tabletop RPG if I can get into a group), photography, hiking, mending (I love mending torn clothes...toys...anything I can hand stitch). That's about it really.
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  20. DaveTheWave81

    DaveTheWave81 Member

    Cigars, ham radio, gardening, hiking, nature, music, reading, collecting vintage gas station signs (replicas), just a few of my interests.
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