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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by 1OldGI, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. 1OldGI

    1OldGI New Member

    Even though I'm not a straight razor guy, I broke down today and bought one, I guess now I need to get it honed and buy me a strop (damn RAD has got me buying razors I can't even use yet!) But anyway, this one has black scales on it with a picture in the middle, kind of a relief cut out that looks like a leafless tree. One side of the blade says H.B. & Company Germany and the other side says Red Injun No. 102. What do I have? How old is it? What would be a good price for it?
  2. omegapd

    omegapd New Member

    Boker probably. Good razors. No idea what it's worth, but I bought one here in the classifieds a few months ago for $25 or $30.
  3. MsJoeD

    MsJoeD New Member

    That is a genuine Boker Red Injun bu the sounds. They are one of the more sought after Bokers.It should be a great shaver once it is brought up to snuff, I have one myself. I had to put it in different scales though because the original ones were broken :(. There are a few people around here that can hone this up for you if you want to give straights a go. My other half Joed has honed several for MsBlackwolf. If you are interested in getting his opinion you can pm him here. Pictures would be good also :)
  4. MsBlackwolf

    MsBlackwolf Queen of Critters

    Sounds like a good razor you have there. Members who own Red Injuns speak highly of them. JoeD can put an edge on it for you. He's been keeping me in str8 razor shaving smoothness for a while now.
  5. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    Like this?

  6. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    They're good shavers, and if it is in any kind of shape, it should clean up and take a good edge.
  7. JimR

    JimR Active Member

    Oh, yeah...I've heard good things. Well done, there!

    A good price depends on the condition, really. Any possibility of pictures?
  8. Utopian

    Utopian New Member

    If you can produce a photo, then we can provide an age estimate as the tree pattern changed over the years. If you'd like it honed for free, send me a PM.

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