What do you guys wear in your pocket/satchel?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Lyrt, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Lyrt

    Lyrt Flash

    – A ball-point pen (Pilot BPS-GP Medium)
    – Post-it
    – A crappy lighter
    – My Surefire E2D LED Defender flashlight
    – My Victorinox Trailmaster Swiss knife

    Edit: Of course, I've excluded obvious things such as ID cards, credit cards, keys, etc.

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  2. Shep

    Shep The Shep Abides

    The only thing I keep in my pants pockets is a small cotton rag to wipe my glasses. Can't stand stuff in my pants pockets. In my shirt pockets I keep a pen on one side and my phone/PDA in the other.

    Call me a minimalist.
  3. lamontqsanford

    lamontqsanford New Member


    I carry my keys in my right pocket and my money clip in my left
  4. burnWood

    burnWood Mizzou Fan, YMMV

    a 4GB memory stick
    cell phone
    pack of gum
    eyeglass cloth in a mickey mouse cloth holder
    lip balm
    a small astronaut pen
  5. Shep

    Shep The Shep Abides

    For when the mothership calls?
  6. burnWood

    burnWood Mizzou Fan, YMMV

    its awesome. when you put the cap on its full size. it writes in any position and in any weather. I started carrying them when the ink in my pen would freeze when writing tickets outside in the winter.
  7. D.irving79

    D.irving79 Gemocrat

    left pocket - cigarette case/matches
    right pocket - pocket square/decision coin
    back left - wallet
    back right - business card holder
  8. akady

    akady New Member

    Left pocket: Phone, chapstick.
    Right Pocket: Keys, knife.
    Back right: wallet.
    Left back: Water bottle when needed.

    I hate things in my pockets.
  9. gatto

    gatto *Not a dude*

    giant girl purse
    my notebooks
    my hornet (portable amp)
    my custom IEMs
    water bottle
    spare keys
    back up cell phone
    several chapsticks
    some makeup
    tea bags
    my DS lite
    my palm PDA
    a 4 gig usb stick
    ipod connect cable
    little purse perfume
    pokemon leaf green and diamond
  10. sol92258

    sol92258 I have no earthly idea

    R F pocket - keys
    R B pocket - wallet
    L B pocket - handkerchief
    L F pocket - chapstick, knife, 8 GB drive, 2 GB drive, PDA, Zune, blue mini G2 pen, blank Inka pen, nose spray, eye drops, screwdriver, extra RAM, vitamins, extension cord, burma shave, extra spindle of CD's, Bible, gum, remote to stereo I don't have anymore, staple gun, candle, black light, pliers, flashlight, calculator, monkey, moleskine cahiers, HD converter box, model airplane, extra screw hooks, veggie tales "madame blueberry", gallon of milk, chili dog, dartboard, magical liopleurodon (edit: he's in my RB pocket, sorry), spare nun-chuck, webcam, piece of linoleum, double sided foam tape, strawberry cupcake, 2 oz bottle Dr. Tichenors's, 12 oz bodum french press, cassette soundtrack of Transformers The Movie, 1/10 Dale Earnhardt die cast, and two of these ::sesel::sesel

    hey, something's gotta balance what's on the other side, right?
  11. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    Right front pocket;
    • lighter

    • wallet
    • cell phone
    • manicure set
    • pain relievers (advil & aleve)
    • diabetic kit
      (insulin, syringes, blood testing machine and strips, lancets, pen, and small notebook)
    • some form of sugar
      (ie- gummy fruit snacks, glucose tablets, sugar packets)
  12. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

    rear pockets: wallet
    front pockets: spare change and Schrade Old Timer (US made) pocket knife
    belt loop: carabiner clip with keys
    belt: cell phone in holster
  13. hoglahoo

    hoglahoo Yesterday's News

    I keep a pen I lathed
    And a piece of lint
    As my signature's needed
    Wherever I've went
  14. Blades

    Blades New Member

    I carry mostly pocket knives and a few other things.
  15. goatshaver

    goatshaver New Member

    I note a lighter...but no cigarettes? Hmm...
  16. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    left front pocket:
    - coins and money clip
    - matches that work everywhere

    right front pocket:
    - blowrag
    - 8GB thumb drive
    - Minitool
    - Keyring
    - pocket knife (missing in picture)

    right back pocket:
    - wallet (without money, with drivers license, credit card and stuff)

    left side of belt:
    - leatherman surge
    - leatherman bit kit
    - flashlight

    right side of belt:
    - zippo
    - mobile phone
  17. Will

    Will Nevermind



    Small LED Light (on keychain)

    Pocket Knife (CRKT)

    Pen (Skillcraft govt issue)

    Notebook (Green Memoranda govt issue)

    Bic Lighter (I keep loosing my Zippos)

    EDIT: I just noticed I have the damn near the same thing Yukio has.
  18. Bussemand

    Bussemand Well-Known Member

  19. tjgriffin

    tjgriffin Active Member


    Ok. Here we go...

    LF: mini Leatherman. Victorinox Herc., Hanky, Chapstick, massive keyring w/ 2G mem stick fastened to a belt loop.

    L Cargo: PDA, iPod, Ice Breaker sours.

    RF: Wallet w/ spare keys (there a story), change purse.

    R Cargo: Garrity LED light, AM/FM/WB radio, earphones.

    Bat Belt: Insulin Pump, cell phone, work badge, Diabetes kit (meter, strips, glucose, Symlin syringe, spare batteries, extra pump supplies).

    ...and somewhere I have a kitchen sink, I just can't find it right now.

    Oh, I keep my lint in my belly button.
  20. D.irving79

    D.irving79 Gemocrat

    a mini leather man? what do you feed it?

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